World Cancer Day 2012

World Cancer Day is fast approaching us on, February 4th 2012  and serves as an initiative in which the entire world can unite in the fight against the global cancer epidemic. This year’s theme is ‘Together it is possible’  and reminds us that the battle against cancer will be won when individuals and organizations work together to find a cure. This year, brayola has chosen to lend its focus to Breast Cancer Awareness because this devastating disease will effect 1 in every 8 women in the general population. As unsettling as this statistic may be, there is hope for the future.

This week, we will dedicate all of our blog posts to help raise awareness for breast cancer. So ladies, if you haven’t already…check check check! If you have a family history of breast cancer, it may be worth getting yourself booked in for a check-up mammogram, just in case! You have a 98% chance of beating breast cancer, if found in the very early stages!

World Cancer day 4th Feb

So what else can you do to help raise awareness for Cancer?

You can donate , or take part in some amazing fund raising events going on all over the world!

Spread the word! Make sure you tell your friends and family to get regular checks, and to find out about your medical family history.

What are you doing for World Cancer Day?


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