What they wore… and What We Think They Wore Underneath…

Let’s start off with the Oscar winner of 2015: Julianne Moore

What a classic look for Julianne! Simple yet elegant, which suits her very well! Besides the hair and the make-up, there’s one more thing that enhanced this sophisticated look: the Simone Perele Caressence 3D Strapless Bra.

What a sophisticated bra for the sophisticated look! With French Chantilly lace to enhance the sexiness, it also enhances the cleavage by having plunge. Last but not least, it is super comfortable with the sculpted coverage and lift. I am sure Julianne Moore enjoyed the night even more with comfort.

Scarlett Johansson


No one is going to miss this eye-catching color dress, especially it was on Scarlett Johansson. Everything is too perfect in this look, her body is a perfect fit for the dress. I sure every woman wants to know the secret elements that Scarlett had for this night and let me expose them for you: The Fashion Forms Backless Strapless U plunge Bra and the Vedette Gisele Strapless Open Bottom Shaper.
















What a perfect plunge bra for the dress! It fits the front U-shape perfectly! The bra enhances cleavage and provides coverage and shapes. I don’t know about you, but this already screams Scarlett Johansson to me!

This body shaper definitely has most credit for the dress fit, not that Scarlett could not have achieved the amazing look without it but it just perfected her look. I mean, who wouldn’t look perfect in this? That waist and that bottom shape, OOH-LA-LA comes from here.

Emma Stone


I mean look at Emma! She definitely bought out the beautiful silhouette of the dress. She managed to show the perfect cutting of the dress, too; the back of the dress is just as beautiful as the front. Emma’s look is beyond amazing! One item that made this look complete is the Fashion Forms Lace Ultimate Boost Backless Strapless Bra.

If this bra is not the perfect bra for the dress then I don’t know what is. Many women wear backless dress with their significant pairs hanging at the front, because it is not that easy to find a bra that shows the back perfectly like this one. It is strapless and backless, yet it’s featured the Lace Ultimate Boost Bump Pad for push-up enhancement. Do you still want to leave them hanging next time when you wear a backless dress? or have them in nice coverage shapes instead? I would definitely go for VA-VA-VOOM!


Oprah Winfrey

Simply Amazing

Oprah looks absolutely adorable in this picture, with her cute dress. She is one many celebrities that represent beautiful curvy women. She looks gorgeous from head to toe. Let’s find out the intimate element that creates her fullest cleavage. It’s the Curvy Couture Fantasy Lace Strapless Bra.

This beautiful and supportive bra is designed for curvy women. There’s two ways to wear it, with or without the strap. Cleavage enhancing push-up pads is one of the features of this bra, it also has the cushion lower band to create comfort and security. Lastly, it’s not just any bra for curvy women, but a sexy/fashionable one, and it’s simply amazing.



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