With a beautiful wedding dress comes great responsibility- finding the right bra!

You have finally got the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl… but now you have all these questions going through your head like “what if my dress falls down?” or “do I even wear a bra?” or “To corset or not to corset?” Stop worrying, the brayola girls have your back! We have a few hints and tips to consider when looking for the perfect bra for your special day! We know if you’re fully equipped with the right underwear it can transform your figure, lift your bust and enhance the fit of your dress!

So to begin, you can’t do anything without knowing the shape of your dress. Understanding where it sits is crucial! Take someone with you to look at the back of the dress the last thing you want is a bra strap peeking out over the top of your dress!

So if your dress is…

Strapless (like Joanna Garcia- wearing  Monique Lhuillier)

Joanna Garcia

This classic style is probably the most problematic. We hear a lot of “i’m scared my dress will slip down, or i’ll be pulling my dress up all day!” Whether you have a small bust or large one, this is a common problem. The solution, not surprisingly, is getting a good strapless bra!

If you are looking for a bra that will support and enhance your bust, we would recommend the Wacoal’s Red Carpet Strapless Bra. This bra has a everything you want in a stapless bra if you are an A cup or H (as they have the full figured version here). The cups, also come with a contour push up, giving you great shape! Contour cups are great for shaping whilst supporting the girls in all the right places. The Wacoal bra also has a special mobilon strip around the neckline and bottom of the bra (so it’s not going anywhere!)

If you have a sweetheart neckline you may need to get more of a plunging bra. If thats the case, Dominique Deep Plunge Strapless Bra is your bra! Beautiful frill, surrounding the outer cups. This is just an all round easy bra! 


Bigger busted? Looking for a waist cinching basque and that that will keep your girls in place?We know the perfect bra for you! Dominque All Lace Long Line Bustier Bra. We’ve spoken to  women who are D-F cups who have sworn by this bra  telling us how comfortable this bra was(although always go a size up!) so we are happy to recommend it 🙂

Dominique Bustier



Backless (like Postia de Rossi wearing  Zac Posen)

Portia de Rossi

Backless is such a beautiful style which many women (especially if you have a large bust) think they can’t do! There are solutions (and really good ones!) if you do want support.


One of our favorites is another from the Wacoal Red Carpet range, this time their Longline  bra. It is just as supportive as their strapless bras but comes with a V shaped low back, perfect for your back to be beautifully displayed! It’s seamless,so it does not show through most gowns, it contours the bodice, and it claims to be very comfortable!


If your dress is not as low as Portia’s we would suggest looking at the Felina Essentials Seamless Hidden Wire Bustier Bra. This backless, strapless bustier bra features push up padding for cleavage and cushioned boning for a slimming effect. Perfect for any low back dress care free.

Felina Bustier


Other solutions to look at when wearing a backless dress, (especially if you don’t want to go braless) is the Natural Combo Bra . It has skin friendly silicone adhesive which claims to last up to 50 wearings, and goes up to a 38D cups. Our only warning with this (and any adhesive bra) would be to take it on a test run first! The last thing you want on your big day is to get into an “unsticky” situation!! 



Choosing the right bra for the perfect dress is a big decision, and it has to be the right one, so here’s a little recap, plus some extra handy hints to get you started….

1. Check how low the back is on your dress (even if you don’t think it’s low- make sure someone  double checks for you)
2.  Whichever type of bra  you choose, whether it’s a longline, strapless or adhesive; is comfortable to wear (wear it for a day or so just to make sure!)
3. Take your bra to ALL of your fittings it is so vital, and you want to know what the dress will look like on the big day 🙂
4. Check the fabric of your dress. If you can see your lace bra through the material make sure you choose a seamless bra!
5. The best advice for any bride make sure your bra fits. A badly fit bra will have an effect of how the dress looks. Make sure you get a bra fitting especially for the wedding, as a lot of bridal brands come in different sizes!

Can you help any Brides To Be? We would love to hear what you wore on your wedding day? Have any bra disasters or bra wonders? Or maybe you are a bride to be and don’t know what to wear? No question is too small 🙂

Love the brayola team

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