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As women, we all know it’s difficult to find THE perfect bra. Even google realises how hard it is…At brayola we understand that finding the perfect bra is a topic that women research a lot. Women cling to the hope of finding the answers from google or other search engines. We all want to know the secret behind finding the perfect bra, that not only fits but is comfortable and looks great. Lets face it, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The amount of times I’ve picked up hundreds of bras that I like the look of, but when I take them to the changing room, there is always something wrong with them. They’re too tight, too small, sit too high, don’t have enough support, or just does something  weird. I think if finding the perfect bra was so easy, the average woman would have hundreds of bras… and certainly we wouldn’t be looking for the answers from google.So we know that search engines don’t have the answer to finding us the perfect bra, instead they give you thousands of pages dedicated to helping find the right bra SIZE (which i would like to point out, is not finding the perfect bra) Obviously size is important but there are a few problems with just relying on size to find you the perfect bra.
When will it become easy?
Measure mayhem!

1. There are so many websites telling you different measurements, and how to measure yourself. Here are a few examples which are great, but which one do you go with?

  • There’s Linda the bra lady’s online calculator that instantly tells you what bra size you are, by asking you for your band and cup measurements?


  • One of the most popular lingerie stores in the US & Canada, Victoria Secret’s? Surely you can trust such an influential player in the bra industry to give you the right size?


  • Well known bra store figleaves, show tables with bra sizes and how to measure yourself, as well as great video advice.


2. Great, so I have worked out my size, now what? You go into a shop and pick a bra, only to discover that actually in this particular brand you are a different size to the one you just measured yourself up with…grrrr

3. All this measuring and calculating, is confusing and complicated. Why can’t it be straight forward, like buying a pair of shoes?


These equations are real! They help find you the right bra size!!

Now that’s better….

Shoe shopping=simple +fun 🙂
Once you have your size, what’s next? Realistically size doesn’t mean anything, especially when you look at different brands and styles. You can go to a shop or an online store and browse for hours, which isn’t the problem, there are plenty of bras to choose from, it’s finding the right bra that will fit.So let’s take  online shopping for example, you can search for “black t-shirt bras”.  The online store will show you with, no doubt, hundreds of black t-shirt bras, but nothing that you know will actually fit you. Everything that you see is very standardised, and there is always  so much choice. If you know what you want, that’s great! But if your slightly unsure or indecisive, shopping for bras is going to be difficult. Why is there not a personalised service out there that can show me what i am going to like?
For years, women have been told by “experts” that to find the perfect bra its all about size. Well it’s not exactly…..To find the perfect bra, obviously you do need to know your size, but also shape, style, comfort and taste, if you have everything here combined, then you can find the perfect bra.So how do you find this perfect bra, if it’s not all about measuring yourself? One word answer… brayola.
Brayola can help you!
Brayola is for women, like you, who want to discover their next favorite bra. “How is it different to any other online shop?” I hear you ask. Brayola focuses on what other women, like you say. You create your own private online brayola drawer, in which you add all of your current favorite bras(any occasion). Brayola uses very clever technology that matches you to other women just like you, so brayola only shows you bras that she thinks you will like (based on your favorite ones AND what other women say) Not only will brayola show you bras that you will like, but will also give you a recommendation of which size to buy for that specific bra! All of this is based on women from all over the world, helping each other find their perfect bra.Like the idea so far? Why not start by creating your private online drawer now to get early access to your own personal shop? Bra shopping made simple, fun, and with you in mind.

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