old bras… new tricks

Starting 2012 fresh means throwing out the old, and bringing in the new! We always want to start out how we mean to go on.  At  brayola we’re always talking about putting your favorite bras into your online brayola drawer…but it comes to the point where you […]

We’ve found what your looking for…the real deal!

As women, we all know it’s difficult to find THE perfect bra. Even google realises how hard it is…At brayola we understand that finding the perfect bra is a topic that women research a lot. Women cling to the hope of finding the answers from […]

Happy New Year!

Dear Brayolistas, We would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2012! As you all  know, brayola is a brand new company so for 2012 we have some incredible things lined up for all of our users! We are so excited to be […]

Google help me find the perfect…

Dear Google, How to find the perfect b…..   Bra, boyfriend, baby name?!?! In that order! Really? Who knew finding the perfect bra would be harder than finding than the perfect man…eeekkk