Get “Naked” While You Run and Avoid Tan Lines

Nobody likes tan lines, especially from your daily runs (or for more recreational exercisers the occasional physical activity). You would think that there’s no downside to outdoor activities during the summer… until the next day—or over time—you end up with a criss-cross of sports bra […]

Come Together (Classic Rock From the 1970’s), A Mood Board

A mood board inspired by classic rock from the 1970’s! Featuring Victoria’s Secret’s Crochet Demi Lace Bra

20 Facts About All Things Bras and Boobs

As the weekend is fast approaching we know you’re ready to run out the office door and head home for some relaxation time (which for most of us ladies involves getting out of that bra and putting on our most comfy outfit). To help you […]

Fanatical about the brayola team…

We discovered not too long ago that the brayola team are extremely popular in the bra world! Now we don’t mean to toot our own horns, but check it out…Agent provocateur, Moving Comfort, Playful Promises & Affinitas Intimates, all want brayola to be involved in […]

Happy Labor Day! A Mood Board.

Featuring Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous Lace Push-up Bra (in white).