Top Celebrity Bra Scandals (Oops!)

With the cameras flashing in their eyes and being followed around by photogs, it’s easy to spot a celeb oops when it comes to bras. Everything from malfunctioning undergarments to going bra-less is caught with the camera’s lens and distributed to the public for gossip-worthy news. That being said, we bring you some of the top celebrity bra scandals from Hollywood and beyond:

Janet Jackson

janet jackson, superbowl

Remember the infamous Superbowl boob-slip? Justin Timberlake may have been amused, but much of the media was not and years later it’s still one of the biggest bra oops in America!

Solution: Braza Reveal Silicone Bra

Nipple covers, silicone bra


Britney Spears

britney spears, braless

Repeat offender: Brit Brit needs a bra. Stat.

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everyday bra, tshirt bra


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan prada dress bra showing

On the red carpet, Lindsay Lohan looked stunning in her Prada minidress. Not so stunning? Her bra peaking out the top.

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multi way bra, strapless bra


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, bra in miami

It may have been hot enough in Miami to wear a skimpy tank top, but Kim’s choice in bra didn’t seem to be the perfect match for her hot-weather style.

Solution: Only Hearts Second Skin Racerback Bra

racer back bra, tank top bra


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus bra oops, braless miley cyrus

As a direct Twitter quote from Miley herself: “I am who I am #braless.” Miley has taken this to heart and been caught on camera going commando more than once.

Solution: Victoria’s Secret Bralette

bralette, lace bra, victoria's secret


Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria desperate housewives

Old tricks die hard: Eva was caught on the Desperate Housewives set stuffing her bra to give her an extra oomph.

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push up bra, strapless bra

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