Top Bras All Reduced to $50 and Under!

In the spirit of all things jolly we couldn’t help but share the fact that some of our favorite bras have now been reduced (some over 50%) so they are under $40! Now with sales this good, we bet you are thinking they are the dribs and drabs of the stock (i.e the really ugly bras) well let’s put an end to that thought…we would never do that to you! Only the best for our girls (pun intended!) Some of the BEST bras made on this planet, have been reduced and they are most certainly not going to last very long…so without wasting too much time, here are some of the best! 

Top Left; Panache Tango $22, Chantelle Africa T-shirt Bra, $18, Freya Patsy $37

Bottom Left; Stella Mcartney Clara Whispering Contour Bra, $48, Gossard On the Prowl, $39, Moving Comfort Alexis Bra, $17

Happy Holidays!


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