The World’s Best Kept Secret To Winning At Life

The World’s Best Kept Secret To Winning At Life

Some would argue that the secret to winning is simple: apply yourself. We don’t beg to differ, especially in the case that we’ll later present to you. However, there’s one major secret that very few people in this world know about, let alone choose to practice in their day-to-day life. It may be something you’ve heard of, it may be something that’s completely new to you, or maybe…just maybe…the secret could be something you’re already familiar with and you’re using it to your advantage right now as you read this blog post. If this happens to be you, you’ll understand the benefit of sharing this secret to others because you’re aware of its significance and you’ve experienced the actual results of winning at life. If you aren’t aware of the secret, just know that you are one of many…and that once we tell you about it, it could change your life forever. Consider this your lucky day. So what is this secret, you ask? Well, it’s based upon a proven philosophy in life called the Law of Attraction. Believing that you’ve already won attracts all of the winning directly to you. Now, we could break this one sentence down in detail for pages and pages…but we’ll spare you the time. Just know that you are the author of your own life. If you believe in whatever it is that you want for yourself and live your life as if you already have it, then, using the Law of Attraction, it will eventually be yours. Seriously.

Now comes the application process. Because you already believe that you’ve won, this part should come (somewhat) easy to you. You will be drawn to applying yourself naturally. So when we tell you that you and your best friend could win a bra and panty set, by now you’d already be imagining yourself in some of the most comfortable, supportive négligé in the world by Q-T Intimates. That should bring you here (to our Facebook page) or here (to our Instagram page) where you’ll simply like the post and tag your craziest-sexiest-coolest BFF that you know. There’s one in every friend group – she forces you to join her for ladies night when you’re feeling down, she attracts all of the cute guys to your table, and she tells you that you look amazing in the LBB you haven’t worn since college. Yes, you and her both deserve to win this. And it’s so easy. The winner will be selected at random, on or around Friday, September 1st. The more crazy-sexy-cool friends you have, the better. So enter as many times as you’d like…because you know that you’ve already won it, so you’ll do anything it takes to get the bra and panty of your dreams living within your top drawer essentials.


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Written by: Lana Greer

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