The High Rise Of High Cut Briefs


When I think what is sexy or feminine,  I immediately think of Betty Page, the 50’s and granny panties. You’re probably thinking “Granny panties are sexy?!” Yes,that’s right!  There is nothing more sexy than a pair of high-waisted, high cut briefs, or granny panties. To me, retro granny panties conjures up images of pin-up queens and sex symbols like Bettie Page & Jayne Mansfield, who embodied what it was to be sexy and feminine.



As of recently, granny panties (high cut briefs) have had a bad reputation. We associated the style with women who wore them only on laundry days or on days when they’re weren’t feeling so up to par; however, ladies, be advised, this style of panty is making a major comeback. Wearing granny panties is now considered stylish and trendy, just look at current modern day style icons like Taylor Swift, who wears her panties with pride below.

Taylor Swift-20141202-205

I find that a good high-cut panty defines and draws attention to the waist, giving you that hourglass figure you’ve been dreaming about. It also lays much smoother than traditional panties, especially when worn under skirts and dresses. Here are my picks for the top retro high cut briefs, aka granny panties:

Bali Skimp Skamp Brief

    Bali Skimp Skamp Brief

Bali Skimp Skamp  brief is made from stretch silky nylon for that smooth body-hugging feel. An elegant,classy and sexy panty. simply perfect.

Vanity Fair Body Caress Lace Smoothing Brief 

Vanity Fair Body Caress Lace Smoothing Brief

This is pure underwear indulgence.   Made of soft microfiber with a satin finish so it feels like smooth silk against your skin. The waistband and legs are trimmed in stretch microfiber, so nothing but softness touches your skin.

Warner’s Without A stitch Brief 

Warner’s Without A Stitch Brief

Warner’s Without A stitch Brief  is the classic full coverage brief made from sleek stretch microfiber.  chic and comfortable.

Bali One Smooth U 2 Pack Tummy Toning Cotton Brief

Bali One Smooth U 2 Pack Tummy Toning Cotton Brief

The Bali Smooth U 2 ensures comfort and targeted control panels for an everyday slimming solution.and the fit? flawless.

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