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What will you be wearing (under) your holiday outfit?

The holidays are fast approaching and everyone is going crazy over what they will wear over the festivities… but what’s important to us is not what’s on the outside… but what’s on the inside (well under…but you know what we mean!) We’re of course talking […]

Top Celebrity Bra Scandals (Oops!)

With the cameras flashing in their eyes and being followed around by photogs, it’s easy to spot a celeb oops when it comes to bras. Everything from malfunctioning undergarments to going bra-less is caught with the camera’s lens and distributed to the public for gossip-worthy […]

Have You Heard Of… Cacique?

We’ve come to discover that there is one bra brand in particular that our brayolistas are lovin’ and wearin’ and puttin’ in their brayola drawers… Cacique! Cacique is a versatile line of bras put out by Lane Bryant that includes styles from balconette to strapless […]

The summer wardrobe essential…the strapless convertible bra!

Summer is fast approaching which means only one thing…the trusty convertible strapless bra comes back into use! With tank, halter & strapless tops, all in the fashion limelight you need to be wearing the right bra to pull it all off! But how do you […]

With a beautiful wedding dress comes great responsibility- finding the right bra!

You have finally got the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl… but now you have all these questions going through your head like “what if my dress falls down?” or “do I even wear a bra?” or “To corset or not […]