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Have you heard of…. Soma Intimates

It’s that time of the week again, where we introduce (or remind you) of some of the amazing brands out there! This week, we’re talking about Soma Intimates!   Soma Intimates was established in 2004, and have gone from strength to strength every year since. […]

Top Celebrity Bra Scandals (Oops!)

With the cameras flashing in their eyes and being followed around by photogs, it’s easy to spot a celeb oops when it comes to bras. Everything from malfunctioning undergarments to going bra-less is caught with the camera’s lens and distributed to the public for gossip-worthy […]

Hotter Than the Sun, This Summer’s Top Bras

When the trees are bursting with color and the sun comes out to play it’s time to ditch the boring winter grays (hopefully you’ve left those well behind anyways since it’s already July!) As it gets hotter outside you also tend to ditch the multi-layers […]