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3 top tips to make your bra life longer…

Have a bra you love? Wish you could have it around forever…well we can’t promise forever but we do have a few handy hints and tips to help prolong the life of your favorite bra! Tip 1. Hand wash your lingerie Hands up how many […]

We’ve found what your looking for…the real deal!

As women, we all know it’s difficult to find THE perfect bra. Even google realises how hard it is…At brayola we understand that finding the perfect bra is a topic that women research a lot. Women cling to the hope of finding the answers from […]

Hello From Brayola’s Founder, Orit Hashay

Hello and welcome to Brayola! Some women like buying new bras, some don’t, but either way: We all need new bras every once in a while. But buying a new bra is not always as fun and simple as buying new shoes. If I see […]