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How to shop for your favorite guy – The Holiday Edition

Hey lovebugs, If you are anything like me then holiday shopping is a last-minute kind of thing. I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to get and for whom but I really only come around to the act itself on Black […]

Le Mystere’s Best Seller 60% OFF…This is No Joke!

Le Mystere are giving us all a treat! They have slashed the price of their best selling Dream Tisha Full Fit T-shirt Bra. Yes, this is the very same bra that was featured on Oprah, the Today Show and People magazine quote” soft, comfortable, and supportive”. […]

A Kaleidoscope of Colors, Mood Board

To break up the ho-hum colors of the winter, we’re turning to every shade on the color wheel, from fiery red to sunflower yellow. Enjoy the rainbow-tastic, kaleidoscope of colors in this edition of our mood board featuring the Aerie Maddie Push-up Bra in a […]

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

We couldn’t help ourselves 🙂

Part III: Last Stop… Nursing Bras!

Ahhhh, at last… we’ve arrived at the final installment of our three-part maternity bra series! So, since you’ve got maternity bras down (if you don’t, read part II about maternity bras), it’s time we made you into a nursing bra virtuoso. It’s important to invest […]