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Breast Friends Forever: The Bras You Can’t Live Without

Breast Friends Forever: The Bras You Can’t Live Without

Everyone has best friends, but what about breast friends? All month long, we’re celebrating your bust buddies—the bras that lift you up, provide unconditional support and deliver the ultimate dose of body confidence. Whether you need some extra support or are looking for a sidekick that’s […]

15% Off All Valentine’s Day Selected Bras

Get 15% OFF ALL Sexy Lingerie ONLY at the Brayola store! ALL you need to do is use the coupon “HappyValentines” at the brayola checkout! 

Sexy Bras for the Holidays!

Here it is, some of our sexiest bras (for all sizes!) for all of your festive needs! Whether you are putting on that LBD (little black dress) or donning the sequins, or just getting close to a loved one…we’ve got all the bras you must […]

Good things come in small packages

The girls at brayola appreciate more than anyone, that boobs/bras come in different shapes and sizes! We understand that it is difficult to find a bra you love, if you’re a 34AA or a 34F. The assumption is that all small breasted women want to […]