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Top Celebrity Bra Scandals (Oops!)

With the cameras flashing in their eyes and being followed around by photogs, it’s easy to spot a celeb oops when it comes to bras. Everything from malfunctioning undergarments to going bra-less is caught with the camera’s lens and distributed to the public for gossip-worthy […]

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! A History of the Bra

The history of the bra doesn’t start and end with Victoria’s Secret, in fact, it’s been around since Roman times when women started wearing a bra-like contraption to entice members of the opposite sex. There are so many variations of what women wore throughout the […]

Top 10 Bras for Teens

Gather ’round young ladies and come see what we have for you! In this “Top 10” list we bring you the best bras to have in your dresser drawers, whether you’re in need of an everyday bra or maybe something a bit more special occasion […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, A Mood Board

You may have already noticed all the extra pink in the brayola site (although we don’t blame you if you didn’t!) It’s October which can only mean one thing…Breast Cancer Awareness Month! As something that is so close to our hearts (pun intended!) we wanted […]

Prepare the girls for take off….

There’s always a time when you just want a bit more oomph, to give the girls a little boost. Push- Up bras are popular with so many women, but how do you know which one to choose? There are those out there to achieve the […]