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Award-Worthy Intimates Essentials Ready for the Red Carpet

Award-Worthy Intimates Essentials Ready for the Red Carpet

Daring dresses, plunging necklines, second-skin silhouettes—Hollywood’s Red Carpet is known to bring out stunningly glamorous looks that all too often seem to defy gravity. Ever wonder what they’re wearing underneath to keep everything in, up and looking flawless? In honor of the 90th Academy Awards, […]

Getting Sexy for V day (part 1 of many!)

If you need some lingerie ideas to get the blood going of your other half we have just the thing! If you haven’t already heard of UK brand gossard now’s your chance to get introduced! Gossard are amazingly sexy, extremely comfortable, and go from sizes […]

Look Sexy, Feel Good!

It’s that time of the year when we can see February in the not so distant future and we know what that means… it’s time to dig the sexy lingerie out for the dreaded V day (shhh we promised we wouldn’t mention it too early […]

Blackheart Lingerie is Now at brayola!

We are so excited to reveal, we have a new brand at brayola 🙂 The ever so sexy cool, BlackHeart (sister company to hot topic). With it’s super sexy range, we know this is going to be a hit! Hot Topic revealed their “romantic goth” […]

5 Bras to Add to Your Wedding Style

Details, details, details! When you’re planning your wedding, usually you get caught up fussing over the kind of food you want to serve (mini-sliders or filet mignon?) or what dress and shoe combo you’re going to wear (a-line, strapless, white or colored shoes?). But don’t […]