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Top Celebrity Weddings of 2012 (and What They Should Have Been Wearing Under That Dress)

2012 has been a year for all sorts of celebrity news, especially who’s gotten engaged and who finally tied the knot. There were so many weddings between sports stars and singers that it was hard to choose our top favorites. However, we were finally able […]

Part II: Let’s Talk About… Maternity Bras (Baby)

Now that you’re an expert on the differences between a maternity and nursing bra (if you missed our last post you can read it here), it’s time to get a little more specific, beginning with… drumroll, please… maternity bras! What do you need to know […]

A Modern Day Battle… Nursing Versus Maternity Bras

So, right now you’re pregnant or just had a baby. You’re experiencing the joys of being pregnant with your first child or just had baby number three. Whether you’re new to the pregnancy game or a seasoned pro, you’re likely asking yourself a few questions […]