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Dressing Up For The Holidays, Turned Inside Out

Dressing Up For The Holidays, Turned Inside Out

Diving head first into the holiday season has me scrambling for outfit ideas and engaging in the never-ending search for the “perfect” dress. No matter the occasion, we always seem to start with the “main” piece, typically THE dress, and build around it, just like […]

How to shop for your favorite guy – The Holiday Edition

Hey lovebugs, If you are anything like me then holiday shopping is a last-minute kind of thing. I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to get and for whom but I really only come around to the act itself on Black […]

“Are we there yet?” or the fight to make plus size truly equal!

In the last couple of months there has been much chatter about how mainstream fashion & media misrepresented the plus size community. One of the brands that spearheaded the fight for “all women to be seen and celebrated equally” message was Lane Bryant.  They even shut down Times Square for a few hours for a rally that aimed to showcase the body-diversity movement and featured plus-size models, comedians, dancers and (kinda) plus-size host Wendy Williams.

Sounds great so far – right? well, not so  much.

Although the rally’s organizers clearly  had positive intentions – the execution was lacking and even puzzling at times. Numerous plus-size bloggers reported that their experience at the rally wasn’t what they had expected. Starting from the “standard” only plus size models (plus size IT girl, Ashley Graham, is size 16 while plus size range is considered 14-36) and all the way through Wendy Williams’s insensitive Q&A where she had mentioned a message to her younger self would be “to eat less” or something along those lines.

Something about it, from message to execution, was lost along the way. But, to be fair, Lane Bryant isn’t the only brand facing challenges, when trying to bridge the gap between where we think we are and where we really are, when it comes to plus size representation in mainstream fashion & media.

Although, we all still have a long way to go before plus is TRULY equal, we should support and embrace everyone’s efforts to get us there. So, as a token of appreciation of our lovely plus size brayolistas, and as part of our battle to break the boundaries of what’s considered standard-sized beauty, here are few of our favorite ladies  that are MORE than EQUAL. They are simply out of this world!

Melissa Mccarthy – can it get better than Melissa x HSN?

Christina Hendricks –  becasue Christina & Ice Cube got in a Fist Fight?

Bevy Smith – loving this Fashion Queen turned radio host!

Mary Lambert – one of our most played songstresses, and her wonderful message to the world.

Gabourey Sidibe – becasue GABBY is FAB! And Becky, obviously.

Happy end of Fall, lovelies!



A Kaleidoscope of Colors, Mood Board

To break up the ho-hum colors of the winter, we’re turning to every shade on the color wheel, from fiery red to sunflower yellow. Enjoy the rainbow-tastic, kaleidoscope of colors in this edition of our mood board featuring the Aerie Maddie Push-up Bra in a […]

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

We couldn’t help ourselves 🙂