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Win A Free Bra (July Competition!)

As much as you lovely ladies are loving these competitions, so are we! We would like to congratulate Shannon Neal Jones, who won the beautiful Just Flew In Bra from Freya! (to see the bra click here) So now, a new month and we have […]

Frustrations in the Fitting Room, A Guest Post

As women, we’ve all come to that point where you’re in the fitting room, trying on bra after bra, only to ended up frustrated and maybe settling on one style that fits, but isn’t the glove to Michael Jackson’s hand. Our guest poster for the […]

It’s a Conundrum! Why Bra Fit Differs Between Brands…

Here’s the scenario: you’re browsing the lingerie section of (insert department store here) and you find that you must try on all sorts of bras that strike your fancy. So, you grab a sexy red style from one brand and a frill-less everyday style from […]

Are you part of the 80% or 20%? Let’s see…

When it comes to bras and getting measured, for some reason ladies…we’re getting it all wrong! Why do we do this to ourselves? We would never wear a pair of shoes that were too small, or had our foot slipping out of it, so why do […]