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We’ve Got Curvy Kate’s ★ Star Product ★ of the Week!

We ♥ Curvy Kate’s Gia, modeled by the gorgeous Charlotte! Why not get yourself one at brayola and feel sexy all season long? http://brayola.com/shop/Curvy-Kate/-Gia-Balconette-Bra-/6854 Not a brayolista yet? Get started at brayola.com!

Top 10 Bras for Teens

Gather ’round young ladies and come see what we have for you! In this “Top 10” list we bring you the best bras to have in your dresser drawers, whether you’re in need of an everyday bra or maybe something a bit more special occasion […]

Which Bra is Which?

Remember our post on Marlies Dekkers bras? Well, we have a new conundrum involving this favored line–it’s so popular that H&M went and made a similar bra style! Can you tell which bra is which? We want to know!   (Click the picture to get […]