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Award-Worthy Intimates Essentials Ready for the Red Carpet

Award-Worthy Intimates Essentials Ready for the Red Carpet

Daring dresses, plunging necklines, second-skin silhouettes—Hollywood’s Red Carpet is known to bring out stunningly glamorous looks that all too often seem to defy gravity. Ever wonder what they’re wearing underneath to keep everything in, up and looking flawless? In honor of the 90th Academy Awards, […]

Summer Essentials!

Here it is the KEY summer essentials that every woman, no matter what size, should have in her bra drawer. The backless bra (sorry this is only for A-C cups) For all the backless dresses & awkward tops (that seem to be all the  fashion) […]

Going backless this summer!

Summer is fast approaching, and we are getting more and more questions about which is the best backless bra. Now we are always a little dubious about backless bras, it’s hard enough to find a strapless bra to stay up…never mind one without a back. […]

With a beautiful wedding dress comes great responsibility- finding the right bra!

You have finally got the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl… but now you have all these questions going through your head like “what if my dress falls down?” or “do I even wear a bra?” or “To corset or not […]