Part III: Last Stop… Nursing Bras!

Ahhhh, at last… we’ve arrived at the final installment of our three-part maternity bra series! So, since you’ve got maternity bras down (if you don’t, read part II about maternity bras), it’s time we made you into a nursing bra virtuoso. It’s important to invest in a good nursing bra because once you’re milk comes in you’ll need to ditch the maternity bras in favor of something that is more suitable for breastfeeding.

Welcome baby!

Like maternity bras, it’s hard to preemptively buy a nursing bra because once your milk comes in your bra size will change. However, once you’re baby is born there will be too much going on for you to worry about purchasing a nursing bra, so you should already have it on hand. Experts recommend waiting until your 8th month of pregnancy to start shopping (since your breast size will be stabilized by then) and to buy one cup size larger than what your measurements are at 8 months. This size difference is usually how much your size will increase once milk comes in after birth.

As for construction, nursing bras usually have 4 rows of hooks in the back (just like maternity bras) for more adjustability and support. The biggest difference you’ll find with nursing bras versus a regular or maternity bra is seen in the cup support—nursing bras are designed to expose the breast through a drop-down cup or a slit where you can prop your breast through the center of the fabric. Be sure that if you choose a drop-down style that you find one with a clasp that’s easy to undo one-handed since baby will be in the other! Additionally, the best fabric for your nursing bra would be something that contains cotton because it dries easily in case of any accidents.

Finding the right fit for your nursing bra is also very important. If a you wear a bra that’s too small it will lay on top of the breast tissue, putting added pressure and strain on your breast which can lead to clogged milk ducts. Make sure that whatever style you pick is comfortable and fitted, not too small or too big (see Goldilocks and the Three Bears… it has to be just right)!

Nursing Bra Right Fit

The right fit equals the perfect nursing bra!


So that now you have some info to help you in your nursing bra endeavors, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t show you some great styles for the new momma! Like our previous post about maternity bras, here are some nursing bras that come in different sizes, shapes, and colors:


Freya Kelly Nursing Bra

Take a walk on the wild side with this Freya bra

HOTmilk Quiet Storm Nursing Bra

Delicate floral details accent and classic black bra from HOTmilk

Elomi Molded Nursing Bra

A great everyday choice to wear under your favorite t-shirt by Elomi

HOTmilk Wild Composure Nursing Bra

A boudoir-inspired nursing bra from HOTmilk

Got anymore questions or want to drop us a note? Let us know!

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