Part II: Let’s Talk About… Maternity Bras (Baby)

Now that you’re an expert on the differences between a maternity and nursing bra (if you missed our last post you can read it here), it’s time to get a little more specific, beginning with… drumroll, please… maternity bras! What do you need to know about maternity bras that will be vital to your pregnancy? First thing, you’ll want to start looking at new bras about 8-10 weeks into your pregnancy since this is the time that you start to notice changes in your size.

When making a purchase, in order to have maximum support, look for wide straps and a band under your bust. The straps should be firm, yet elastic in order to do away with bounce while giving you the support you need. Of course, no one wants to be involved in a nip-slip incident (eek!), so you want to look for a full-coverage style that will keep everything undercover and comfortable as your breasts become more sensitive. When your size begins to expand you’ll want several rows of hooks in the back (average is about 4) so you can make adjustments as you go along. Lastly, don’t forget about a breathable fabric! You’re going to get fluxuations in your body temperature (i.e. hot-flashes), so you’ll want a style that has cotton in it to allow everything to air out.

So, where can you find styles that fit the maternity bra criteria? Lucky for you, we’ve also compiled some suggestions that are stylish, yet functional!

Amoralia Nougatine Maternity Bra

A neutral-colored little pick-me-up from Amoralia

Nearly Nude Comfort Maternity Bra

Kick back and relax with this comfortable style from Nearly Nude

Freya Rosie Maternity Bra

A sultry pop of color to mix things up from Freya

Cake Lingerie Frosted Almond Maternity Bra

Bring the sexy back into your pregnancy with this cheeky number from Cake Lingerie

Hot Milk She Craved... Maternity Bra

Comfortable and cute… what could be better? from Hot Milk

Tell us what you think of these chic maternity styles 🙂

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