Olympic Winning Sports Bras

Ever since the start of the Olympic opening ceremony, we’ve had our eyes glued to the television to root for our favorite country and watch our favorite sports (gymnastics, anyone?). Something else that keeps catching our attention is the athletic fashion of the Olympics, specifically the sports bras that competitors from around the world are sporting! We were so inspired by this that we wanted to bring you sports bras of the Olympics. So, without further adieu…


Germany designed by Bogner and Nike


Russia designed by Bosco Sport and Nike


Brazil designed by Nike


Israel designed by Castro


Canada designed by Hudson’s Bay and Nike


Jamaica designed by Cedella Marley for Puma

USA designed by Ralph Lauren


Australia designed by Adidas

Great Britain

Great Britain designed by Stella McCartney

Which one is your favorite? Like a different team? We want to know!

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  • Of course I am partial to the team USA bra! Found you on the shes connected blog list! So glad you joined the community looking forward to your posts!

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