New Years Resolutions: Get Fit With Style!

After indulging in all those delicious delicacies over the holidays, once the new year rolls around all that champagne and festive parties are left in the dust and it’s time to start on your new years resolutions! When it comes to resolutions, the number one commitment that people make each year is to get healthier and get to the gym.

While the gym will be packed with people running on the treadmill in a raggedy t-shirt or lifting heavy weights in the same sweatpants he/she wore to bed the night before, you don’t have to! In fact, at brayola, we think you get that extra boost of motivation that will go all year long if you have some sweet duds to strut your stuff around in (hey, you never know if your dream guy will occupy the elliptical next you!).

It’s time you reached your goals (sans dingy college sweatshirt) while you consider our picks for looking fit and fab!

Doing push-ups in your Push-up!

push up bra, sports bra, purelime, push-ups, fitness, new years resolutions, gymYou’ll feel sexy and confident in this Fitness Push-up Sports Bra by Purelime! This medium-impact style features padded shoulders so you won’t feel sore after a good jog (at least not from your sports bra straps!). The cups are also moulded for a stellar fit.

Go Zumba in your T-back!

champion, sports bra, zumba, fitness, gym, new years resolutions, health, workoutGet wild and crazy (like this super cool print) in your favorite exercise class with Champion’s T-back Printed Sports Bra! This style will give you a natural shape without any squishing and plenty of support through it’s band design. So, feel free jump, kick, and dance your way to health!

Go ahead, run that marathon!

moving comfort, sports bra, fitness, health, gym, workout, new years resolution, running, marathon, treadmillMoving Comfort’s Juno Sports Bra defies gravity while you run (or walk or downward dog…), especially for the ladies that fall into larger-chested crowd. The seem-free interior molded cups help your boobs stay put and the bonded material leaves this style less bulky, and smooth, with no-chafe comfort. You’ll only be red-in the face from working so hard, not red with dreaded chafe marks!

With these three stylish and very functional sports bras in your repertoire, you’ll be owning the gym in no time (if you don’t already) for a healthy and strong new year. How are your new year’s resolutions starting so far?

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