Introducing New Elite Performance Sports Bras from Glamorise

Introducing New Elite Performance Sports Bras from Glamorise

As many women with larger cup sizes know, working out can be a pain—literally. Straps can dig, compression styles can be too tight, materials can chafe, and don’t even get us started on bounce control. It’s no wonder why many of us end up feeling discouraged and unmotivated when it comes to finding a sports bra with the right fit, style, size and support level. After all, the real challenge should be completing your workout, not searching endlessly for the right sports bra.

If this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone—and brands are listening! If you’re struggling to find sports bras that are comfortable, supportive (but still cute and stylish!), you need to check out the new line of Elite Performance sports bras from Glamorise. These bras know how to work it, and thanks to trend-right prints, super sweat-wicking technology, and support for all levels of activity, you’ll never want to wear anything else to the gym again.

We wanted to find out more about this collection of high-performance styles, so we sat down with Sven Saller, the Senior Vice President at Glamorise, to find out why these bras are perfect for women with larger busts who love to work out.

Scroll down to read our exclusive interview, watch videos, and shop the must-have collection.

Elite Performance Sports Bras Q&A

Brayola: Tell us a little about the new Elite Performance line. What sets it apart from Glamorise’s other sports bras?

Sven: We wanted to make our best sports bras even better by offering our most active consumers a collection of proven styling with enhanced performance features such as maximum moisture management, elite performance materials, and better control during major workouts.

B: What was the inspiration behind this new collection?

S: We challenged our designers to make our best-selling sports bras even better. There are times when today’s athletes want the highest performance possible, and this was the thinking behind the Elite Performance line.

Glamorise Elite Performance Adjustable Support Underwire Sports Bra
Glamorise Elite Performance Adjustable Support Underwire Sports Bra, $65

B: A few of your sports bras feature adjustable support. Tell us a little more about this feature and why it works wonders for full cup sizes.

S: This is a Glamorise patented feature that provides custom bounce control adjustments to match any particular activity, from yoga to aerobics, so no matter what your activity, you’re in control.


Compression is an important part of how sports bras work—but too much compression is not better, just needlessly uncomfortable. Our adjustable feature lets each person select just the right amount of bounce control for the day’s workout.

The Glamorise Elite Performance Double Layer Custom Control Sports Bra
Glamorise Elite Performance Double Layer Custom Control Sports Bra, $64

B: These sports bras are available up to a size 50G—a real blessing for many full-figured women who like to work out! Why was it important for Glamorise to offer this inclusive size range in their sports bra line?

S: Glamorise has been focused solely on full figured women for nearly 100 years. We know exercise isn’t limited to a particular body type, and we would only make a sports bra line that works for all of our consumers.

Honestly, it is especially important for the full-figured athlete to make sure she has a great sports bra—and that is what motivates every one of our designs.

Glamorise Elite Performance Camisole Sports Bra
Glamorise Elite Performance Camisole Sports Bra, $45

B: Finding a supportive full-cup or full-figure sports bra is a real challenge for many women. Any last words of wisdom for women who feel discouraged when it comes to finding a supportive, comfortable performance sports bra?

S: Every person is different, and not every bra is right for every woman’s needs. Don’t compromise—try different (Glamorise!) sports bra styles to make sure you have found the best style for your figure and workout style. And as with all bras, take care to make sure you have the right size—even the best sports bra will be a torture device if it is the wrong size.

Want more from Glamorise? You can shop all of the brand’s sports bras, including the new Elite Performance styles, here:

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