Have You Heard Of…Claudette?

In our second installment of “have you heard of… brand special”, this week we are focused on the ever so luscious brand Claudette! 

Claudette was born in 2011, and has taken the world by storm! They claim to be  modern, contemporary and effortlessly wearable…and seeing some of your brayola drawers… you would agree!

What we love about them is their diversity, and they really are fearless with some of their color ranges and one of the sexiest full busted range out there!

So they have great looking bras that are practical and reasonably priced(ranging between $58-$69)…what else should you know about Claudette?

Although they don’t have many designs (although plenty of colors, plus it’s not quantity…it’s quality!) They have a wide range of sizes starting from 30D and going as far as a 38G!

Like what you see?

Check out Claudette at brayola.com


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