Guest Post: The Tale of the Unhooked Bra

Today we have a very special treat for you with a guest post written by Michaela Kunst! As a teen trying to get through her high school years, its bad enough trying to balance homework, friends, and shopping let alone having to worry about your bra. So, she brings to you her story of what happened one day while sitting in math class…



By: Michaela Kunst

I was sitting in math class, absorbed in algebra and equations (or rather struggling with the all the numbers written on the page in front of me) clearly giving the teacher loathesome looks for teaching this absurd material. Ahhh, what I would give to not be here! Desperate, I put my head between my hands and sighed… and suddenly I felt a click on my back. No, not now! I ran my hand along my back and found that my fears were correct. My bra popped open. In my mind I was cursing this moment since I chose to wear my favorite bra that happened to have bad snaps. I felt my cheeks slowly turn red and I became flustered.

Sitting in math class

I got up from the chair with my hands holding the back of my bra to keep it in place and went to the teacher at the board. Politely, and with a pathetic smile on my face, I asked, “Can I leave for a second? I have a problem.” The teacher blankly answered, “No.” I started thinking of a few swears I could say to her, but I pulled myself together and asked again. This time I chose to face my failure of the year, “Teacher, my bra popped open, can I go to the bathroom?” And again she said “No.” My face became more red and this time not with shame, but with anger. I sat down in my chair and tried to hide anything that would give my situation away. I thought about how twisted a teacher’s mind could be if she thought algebra was more important than my reputation.

Don't ruin my reputation!

I stared at the clock in the classroom, the remaining minutes passing like an eternity when suddenly I heard the bell. Without even picking up my stuff, and with a leap like I was competing in the Olympics, I started sprinting to the bathroom. After arranging everything I left the bathroom with relief and a straight back. But not to worry, I made sure to tell my friends about the actions of my bitchy teacher.

Moral of the story: do not wear a bra with clasps that cause problems even if you love it, especially not if math class is that day!


We agree with Michaela 110%–even if you love your bra, you must replace it if it’s stretched out, a wire pops through, or if (of course) your hooks don’t work properly! What do you think about Michaela’s situation? Any similar stories? We want to know!

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