Get “Naked” While You Run and Avoid Tan Lines

Nobody likes tan lines, especially from your daily runs (or for more recreational exercisers the occasional physical activity). You would think that there’s no downside to outdoor activities during the summer… until the next day—or over time—you end up with a criss-cross of sports bra lines all over your back and shoulders. The only thing you can do with that is turn it into a science experiment to show people your skin color in the winter versus summer (the pasty-ness hidden by your sports bra straps versus a delightfully darker tone made possible by the sun). Sports Bra Tan Line

So what are you to do in this situation? Well, we bring you the ultimate solution: Naked Sports Gear, a company that designed a sports bra to eliminate tan lines. The company was founded by former college volleyball champ Reilly Star, who often saw athletes coming up with creative methods to avoid tan lines by tying their gear in every which way. Sensing a gap in the sports gear market, Star approached Katie Sue Nicklos, a costume designer with experience using stretch materials for burlesque performers, to help create prototypes for the company’s first product, the “Naked Sports Bra”. This new sports bra is meant to be used for everything from sunrise yoga sessions to outdoor biking activities.

Naked Sports Gear

Besides the obvious tan line benefits, there are a few other reasons why the Naked Sports Bra is uber-cool. First, the company is owned and operated by all women (yay!) and everything is designed with integrity. The bra itself is made from a superior mesh fabric with built-in SPF 7 and provides exercisers with moisture-wicking capabilities. More importantly, it’s supportive with a comfortable fit. The sizing ranges from extra small to large and is reasonably priced at $42.00! Aaaand since it’s made in a variety of appealing colors, we can’t decide which one we like best (we love them all)!

So grab your running shoes (or bike, or yoga mat) and your Naked Sports Bra and get up and out into the sunshine… because we all know cute gear is all the motivation you need!

Naked Sporta Bra

Own one already? Let us know what you think! Don’t own one? Still let us know what you think!


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