Full Cups? These are the Bras Brayola’s Founder Recommends

Full Cups? These are the Bras Brayola’s Founder Recommends

Orit Hashay knows a thing or two about bras. As Brayola’s founder and CEO, Orit wanted to make bra shopping simpler and more enjoyable for every woman out there. It’s hard enough finding a bra that fits AND is pretty—an especially challenging task for full cups and plus sizes. “Some women like buying new bras, some don’t,” she says, “But either way: We all need new bras every once in a while. But buying a new bra is not always as fun and simple as buying new shoes. If I see a pair of gorgeous shoes, I can easily try them on and they either fit, or they don’t. Simple.”

When it comes to bras, sizing is not as straightforward. Many of them look beautiful on the model or mannequin, but each brand varies in size and fit. This means bringing an armful of sizes and styles to the fitting room, painstakingly trying them on, and secretly hoping you won’t have to call the salesperson over for the millionth time.

That’s why Orit rounded up her top picks for full cups. Browse our recommended styles below for a bra that not only fits but is beautiful, too.


Orit’s Bra Picks for Full Cups

Fantasie Full Cup BraElomi Full Cup Bra

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