Frustrations in the Fitting Room, A Guest Post

As women, we’ve all come to that point where you’re in the fitting room, trying on bra after bra, only to ended up frustrated and maybe settling on one style that fits, but isn’t the glove to Michael Jackson’s hand. Our guest poster for the month, Andrea of The Winding Road blog, certainly found herself in this situation more than once. Here she shares her story of fitting room frustration…


Fitting room frustrationThe choices, the choices!

Bra shopping has never been a pleasant experience for me and from what I gather talking to friends, it isn’t for many women.  When I first started buying post-training bras, my mother would take me and wait outside of the changing room.  We would bring dozens of bras to the changing room, and I’d end up handing all of them back to the attendant when I was done trying them on.  Nothing ever seemed to fit properly, and, in retrospect, I think part of it was lack of confidence in my body.  At age 14, I was already wearing D cup bras, and I wasn’t prepared for all of the effort that it took to contain those jiggles.


going in the fitting roomThe dreaded fitting room…

One of these early experiences really stands out in my mind.  We had the usual number of bras in the changing room, and I just got so fed up with the entire process.  I broke down sobbing, so my overly-helpful mother came in the room and tried to comfort me.  Even the usual reassurances of “we just didn’t pick out the right styles” and “we only have to find that one type of bra that fits, and you can buy a bunch of those” couldn’t lift my spirits.  I was just tired.


Bra shoppingThe “Boulder Holders.”

Those early experiences of bra shopping have stayed with me to this day.  I still dread shopping for those boulder holders.  And it’s the same with bathing suit shopping (ugh! Thank goodness it’s wintertime…).  What has made the process somewhat less unpleasant is that I’ve come to accept my body more.  It’s important to understand how the bra should fit, what you’re looking for with the fit, and, above all, not to get discouraged because bra shopping is a full-on process, not just a one stop kind of deal.

These are the kind of stories we hear all the time and have even experienced ourselves on multiple occasions. This is why we created brayola: to solve these fitting room disasters and help you find your next favorite bra that will fit and feel amazing. You don’t have to be measured, you don’t have to pull your hair out, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. Our goal is to bring you all the bras you could ever dream of at the touch of a button through a personal bra shop (that we create just for YOU)!

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4 thoughts on “Frustrations in the Fitting Room, A Guest Post”

  • I have trouble with the straps falling down. Even the bras that say “Will not slip” always “slip” on me!! I also have trouble with
    the bra fitting flat in the middle of my breasts. I have tried so many different styles. I have spent so much money on bras. I am so frustrated at this point. I usually purchase size 46 D but I am not even happy with that size. I went to a “bra fitting” place and they measured me and said that I was a 46 C. Well, I bought the bra and it is NOT the correct fit. At this point, I do not even want to wear a bra but I DO. Any advice and help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

  • Wow, Lanette, that sounds extremely frustrating and disheartening. I know that there are products out there that clasp straps in the back, making an X marks the spot. Have you found them anywhere? I think I’ve seen them at large department stores, or perhaps you could order them online. Maybe this would help with your strap slippage. Or you could just rock the sexpot look…

    As far as the middle of your bra fitting properly, maybe there is a company that specializes in making bras that vary in their (for a lack of a better term) boobie separator piece.

    Good luck!

  • Hi there Lanette,
    I’m sorry you’re having not one, but two different bra issues! Starting with the band, if it’s not laying flat on your chest, you may have to go down a band size and up a cup size. Whenever you’re trying on a bra you should make sure the band is snug, but you can still breathe. Also, keep in mind that you will most likely differ in bra size between brands, so always go with what fits, not necessarily the number on the tag (see our blog post on why:

    Once you have the band problem fixed then the straps shouldn’t be an issue besides tightening them to stay up since support comes from the band, not the straps. If you’d like more guidance with a brayola expert you can email us at or we have a live chat feature on 🙂

    xx Alexis
    brayola expert

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