Fanatical about the brayola team…

We discovered not too long ago that the brayola team are extremely popular in the bra world! Now we don’t mean to toot our own horns, but check it out…Agent provocateur, Moving Comfort, Playful Promises & Affinitas Intimates, all want brayola to be involved in their collections!  However flattered we are (and we refuse to believe that this may just be coincidence!) we have one small request…. What do you think to naming a new bra after our CEO & Founder, Orit Hashay? She feels very left out!

Introducing the brayola girls…


Alexis with Affinitas Intimates & Moving Comfort


Fiona with Affinitas Intimates, Moving Comfort & Agent Provocateur


Margot with Agent Provocateur & Playful Promises


Orit…..which brand will it be?

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