Dressing Up For The Holidays, Turned Inside Out

Dressing Up For The Holidays, Turned Inside Out

Diving head first into the holiday season has me scrambling for outfit ideas and engaging in the never-ending search for the “perfect” dress. No matter the occasion, we always seem to start with the “main” piece, typically THE dress, and build around it, just like dressing up a Christmas tree.

A week ago, while looking for a cute party dress online I had a eureka moment. I got off my laptop and marched into my bedroom, going straight for my lingerie drawer. I know that most of us don’t spend more than 3 seconds in the morning on which bra or set to throw on. I get it – we’re in a haze, we’re tired, we’re late, we’ve got the kids and the hubby, breakfast, school, meetings, calls and the weather on our minds. We’re multi-thinkers and multi-taskers and we’re damn good at it. And we’re only good at it because we’ve learned how to prioritize and invest our energy (divided into portions of various levels of intensity) in everything that’s on our list, in a descending order of importance. So gosh,  “that fierce red bra because I’m feeling cheeky today or that black really comfy one because LONG day today” is pretty far down that mega-list, if at all.


And that’s actually quite sad. Because why wouldn’t I take the time to think about myself, even if for a few a minutes each day?  What mood I’m in and what attitude do I feel like embracing today? what bra? what dress? what shoes? what bag?  but not in that automatic, slightly robotic way but in a “I gave it some thought and I feel boss lady, sexy lingerie, LBD, black booties and powder leather satchel” kind of way.


So, back to my eureka moment. Looking at my semi-organized lingerie collection, I picked out a bra I haven’t worn yet, even though it was laying in my drawer for quite some time now. It was a convertible bra that could turn into strapless and criss-cross styles that I got from Brayola a few months back. I decided then that I would flip things around and build my holiday outfit around the very basic item, that goes first on my body and have it inspire my overall style, down to which earrings I’ll wear and which bag I’ll carry.


Then, I decided I’ll work this method for a full week and see what results I get. Tired from wearing mostly the same outfit combos just because I’m used to matching certain items together, the following week was all about mixing things up by starting with the basics – a bra or a lingerie set. The results? I’ll let you be the judge of that. What I can say is that my little experiment was an overall reminder to take some time each day to think of no one but myself, and change things up a little – every once in awhile. I highly recommend it!

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