Are you part of the 80% or 20%? Let’s see…

When it comes to bras and getting measured, for some reason ladies…we’re getting it all wrong! Why do we do this to ourselves? We would never wear a pair of shoes that were too small, or had our foot slipping out of it, so why do it to our bras? So it’s time for some tough love. If your bra does any of the below…your wearing the wrong sized bra!

**Do keep in mind that different brands use different sizes, so although you may think you know your bra size, it may vary between brands.**

So it’s time to ask yourself…does your bra really fit?

Red imprints of your straps?
Shoulder strap problems

    1. Straps dig in?

At the end of a long day, you take off your bra…Now, do you see red marks where your straps have been digging in? If the answer to this is yes…you’re wearing the wrong sized bra!

A lot of women believe that the support comes from the straps this couldn’t be further from the truth. The support comes from the band. So if your straps are digging in you are doing more harm than good. You need to look at reducing your band size to get more support.

   2. Gaping in the cups?

gaping cup?

What may seem obvious, is still quite a common problem. The cups on the bra are too big. Do you have space in the cups, and do they gape a little when you move around? Did you answer yes?In that case, you guessed it…you’re wearing the wrong size bra! The solution to this is simple, look at changing your cup size. By having a better fitting bra, you will not only feel more comfortable, but you will get much more support and lift!

center gore problems?
Center gore issues?

Is the center gore (the bit in the middle) flat on your chest?

Have you ever looked down at your chest and seen that the center bit isn’t touching your chest at all? If your answer is yes…you’re wearing the wrong sized bra!

The center gore should be touching your sternum (so your body) If not it means that the band isn’t giving you the right support.


                                           Is your band riding up your back?

back band problems?

This is one of the most common problems. Your band should sit comfortably below your shoulder blades and should not ride up. If you walk down the street on a summer’s day, I bet that you can spot at least 10 women in a busy street with a  bra that rides up at the back (that’s how common it is!) The usual blame goes to the breasts being too heavy. Again, this is just a myth. Has your bra ever ridden up to look like the picture above? If you answered yes…you’re wearing the wrong sized bra! You should consider going down a  band size, and remember when you buy a bra it should fasten on the loosest hook (so when it stretches you can still wear it.)

Are your breasts inside of your cup?

over spill?

Often referred to as a “quadraboob” is when you squeeze your breasts into a cup size too small, as demonstrated in both of these pictures below. Have you ever noticed your breasts either slip out of your cup at the side or over the top? If the answer is yes…you guessed it…You’re wearing the wrong sized bra!


The solution to this problem is that you need to increase your cup size. As you can see from the picture on the left, the breast isn’t fully inside the cup. When you increase cup size, you should also double-check that your band remains supportive. If you are falling out over the top of your bra (which really doesn’t look good, and yes girls people notice!) then again look at increasing your cup size.

So now we’ve seen some great examples of badly fitting bras…what should you be looking for? Check out these bras (which actually fit their models, unlike some of these brands) Can you see the difference? Next time you go bra shopping make sure, you get the right sized bra!

Le Mystere Carina Convertible Bra
Simone Perele Andora Molded Bra
Felina: Harlow Full Busted Demi Bra

2 thoughts on “Are you part of the 80% or 20%? Let’s see…”

  • Your advice on bra fitting is great for the women who have adequate breast tissue to fill the bra. However, for women with a lot of skin and almost no breast tissue, even the push up devices in the bottom will not help the bra fit. Please help me know how to find a good fitting bra.

    • Hi Deb,

      Thanks for your comment! Firstly, have you created a profile with us and got your personal shop? What happens in your personal shop is we find other women exactly like you, and recommend bras based on what you (and the other women) like! Alternatively you can use our Fit or Not to ask our experts and brayolistas about your size, and which bras will look best on you (go to ) If you find you don’t have a lot of breast tissue, you are probably going wrong with a push up bra. I would personally suggest you look for balconette bras that actually work from the bottom and not the side of your breast to push up.

      If you want to speak with one of our experts, you can also just email!

      Hope this answers your question!
      Love Fiona

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