Brayola’s top 3 post-surgery bras!

As women we all know buying bras can be difficult, but buying bras after you’ve had any type of breast surgery can be torturous. That’s why we  have created our top 3 best rated post surgery bras. These bras are the most comfortable, no fuss and supportive bras out there and will help you get back to feeling womanly, happy and most of all give you your natural shape back!

1. Amoena Hannah Vitamin E & Aloe Front Closure Leisure Bra (34b-52c including some DD sizes)

Amoena Hannah bra

This bra is perfect for straight after your surgery. It’s a wireless bra made with soothing fabric infused with micro-capsules of vitamin E and Aloe to help pamper and speed up your healing process. What makes this bra so special, is that it has a plastic slide and hook closures at the front of the bra for easy access during your treatment process. The cups are designed with cotton lining that forms pockets for breast forms. To add a little femininity to this bra there is a lace trim around the bra and on the cups, which we think is very pretty!



2. Annette post surgery bra (32b-42DD)

Annette post surgery bra

This bra is ideal for post-biopsy, post-lumpectomy, post-augmentation, because it’s smooth, seamless double-layer cups have a bonded frame (foam sandwiched between cotton/Lycra) to support and keep your breasts central. What’s unique and special about this bra, is that it understands that post surgery you are going to have a lot of swelling, which is why the back of this bra is designed with elastic bridges that create space, so no matter how much swelling you have, this bra will be ideal for you. As with all the Annette range of bras, there is a beautiful attention to detail keeping it very feminine indeed!



3. Post Surgery Total Support Non-Wired Bra(34b- 40G)

post surgery bra

This bra (although based in the UK) is a top seller, and we completely understand why! This beautiful bra, is one of the most feminine post surgery bras out there! As you can see it has a  gorgeous floral embroidered design. It is perfect for women who have had a mastectomy as there are 2 prosthesis pockets hidden in each cup, non wired, full coverage and extra stretch, so if there is any additional swelling, this bra will be ideal. What we love most about this bra, is that 10% of the retail price is paid to Breakthrough Promotions Ltd, which donates ALL of it’s taxable profits to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. This bra couldn’t be any more supportive 🙂

If you already have a post-surgery bra that wasn’t mentioned in this post, we would love to hear about them!

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