Brayola#findyoursize Pop-Up Event, NY

On Thursday 15th September 2016, Brayola held it’s very first Pop-Up Event, LIVE in NY. One word to sum up the whole thing. AWESOME.  Our #findyoursize cash machine booth, literally rocked Union Square Park and the women that took part, were amazing, so big thank you’s to everyone that took part and helped make it such a memorable event.

Here’s a sneak preview of what went down.

*WARNING, video contains women winning FREE bras, & LOVING Brayola #findyoursize**


We had such an amazing turn out and reaction to Brayola on the day of the #findyoursize Pop Up Event in NY. Women came from all over the globe to win FREE bras, and learn more about how Brayola can help them find their size, in every brand, and even convert some stubborn shoppers to turn online for their lingerie needs.

So why did we have this #findyoursize Brayola Pop-Up Event in NY? We wanted to reach out to women (just like you) and put into actions how hard it is to find the right size in a new, or different brand. #findyoursize hashtag was created to show that Brayola CAN find your size, when choosing another brand, or even just discovering a new bra online. Brayola helps women, of every shape, age, size (literally every woman on this planet!) to discover a new bra. By having the cash machines, this was a (very fun) way of demonstrating that on your own, it is hard to actually find the right size (picking up a lot of incorrect sizes as you go). With the help of Brayola, we can not only #findyoursize but also give you an entire personal bra shop based on recommendations from other women. Totally makes sense now, right?

We had so much fun on Thursday, and got to educate, talk and give away some awesome freebies.

Below, are some of our favorite images from the day! Want to see more? Head over to our Facebook page here, and check them all out. Make sure to tag any familiar faces!

We cannot wait until the next event!

Also we love you,

The Brayola Team




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Even our CEO, Orit Hashay got involved!
Even our CEO, Orit Hashay got involved!

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Photograph Credit to Nicola Bailey

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