Brayola Knows Boobs: Meet Our Facebook Live Bra Experts

Brayola Knows Boobs: Meet Our Facebook Live Bra Experts

Brayola Knows Boobs—and bra shopping! Our goal at Brayola is to make bra shopping as fun, simple and painless as possible. From our Bra Recommendation Engine to our wide assortment of sizes, we’re here to help you find the perfect bra, every time. That’s why we started Brayola Knows Boobs: Our Facebook Live video series that offers tips and tricks, as well as everything you’ve ever wanted to know about bra shopping.

That’s where our Bra Experts, Hillary and Lana, come in. We’d like to introduce you to our dynamic duo—the knowledgeable Brayola gals you see every week on Facebook. They’re here to showcase the latest trends, provide the best bras for every figure, tell you how to fit your bra, and so much more.

Do you have any bra-related questions for the Brayola girls? Is there a topic you’d like us to cover in our next video? If so, make sure to comment so we can solve your bra-blems!

Meet Hillary, Brayola’s VP of E-Commerce Marketing

Brayola Knows Boobs: HillaryWho she is: Marketing buff, vintage enthusiast, outgoing leader and doting dog mom
What she does: Spearheads Brayola’s marketing operations, from social media to emails
Why she’s awesome: She owns more bras than shoes (and she has A LOT of shoes!)

Why do you think women are responding so well to Brayola Knows Boobs on Facebook Live?

I think there’s more of an entertainment factor to anything that’s live. While I hope it’s never the case, there’s always a chance that we could screw something up and everyone would be there to see it as we do it! It’s terrifying yet such a thrill…more terrifying to us though. If we do make a mistake, we want people to know that we’re just like everyone else…nobody is perfect! And everyone (yes…even us) loves a good blooper. We’ll laugh at ourselves later!

What is your goal with Brayola Knows Boobs and where do you see it going?

There’s no denying that we’re in the beginning stages of Facebook Live. The first episode, we had the camera turned sideways for seven whole minutes and didn’t have a computer to monitor our fans comments when they were trying to tell us! By the second episode, we decided to give it a name: Brayola Knows Boobs. We’re learning as we go and improving how we do things with each new episode. We’re definitely not wanting to rush into anything too fancy. We just want to get women engaged. We want women to laugh! We want to let them know we’re here for them and that we’re listening to their opinions and questions. Sure…we’re going to continue to create deals that are exclusive to our loyal Brayola BFFs. However, ultimately, we want to be more than just a product. We want to be of service to all of the women to watch and follow us.


Meet Lana, Brayola’s Social Media Manager

Brayola Knows Boobs: LanaWho she is: Creative problem solver and social butterfly
What she does: All things social-media related
Why she’s awesome: She can juggle multiple bras at once while riding a unicycle


What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to women shopping for bras?

Comfort trumps all. That includes the fit, quality, style, and support. Your bra is your first base layer, and you sometimes wear it for more than 12 hours a day. Don’t compromise comfort for anything! With that being said, it is also important to have beautiful or sexy bra days too. And that comfort does exist among those types also! But it’s important to know your body. It’s important to know wh

at like about your bra and what you hate about it. Once you’re aware of that, we’ll help guide you to the perfect bra.

Name one bra-blem that you think Brayola solves.

We’re strong believers that there is no such thing as an “ideal body.” Beauty is a concept that society built for us to follow, and we’re not going to let billboards and fashion magazines convince us of that. We don’t want them to convince you either. Having said that, one bra-blem that Brayola solves is the having robust options across all sizes and solutions.

Prima Donna Madison Bra

If you were to walk into Victoria’s Secret, you wouldn’t find anything close to what we offer. We have everything for every body.

What’s your favorite bra from Brayola and why?

My favorite bra is the Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra (shown right). It’s everything you want in a full-figured bra – beautiful, sexy, comfortable and supportive. It’s designed with deep cups that prevent any front or side spillage while providing a lovely, natural looking shape.

Watch Our Latest Facebook Live Video


Brayola Knows Boobs Video Recap

It’s Thursday, September 14th and we’d like to welcome you to our THIRD episode of Brayola Knows Boobs! Today, we’re going to cover a lot of topics. First, there are only eight days of summer left, and while that means pumpkin spice lattes and colorful leaves, it also means bulky sweaters and covering all of those beautiful curves that you’ve been confidently rocking all summer long. While “show some skin” season will soon be over, it just means that you’ll have to pull out all your sexy reinforcements…one being your base layers. The sundress may be sexier than the parka, but the right bra will heat up any room.

That brings us to today’s label that we’re loving on: Dynashape. Fun fact – this label designed the lingerie for the LFL—the Lingerie Football League. Now, back to why we LOVE this label. It’s a sexy brand that is brand spanking new to Brayola. Why?

  • The designers are experts in creating bras that are mold to the curves of your body.
  • They tap special techniques, like using garment lines, and also handpick and test the perfect fabric.
  • Dynashape bras create all the right shape in all of the right places and they do it comfortably.
  • They are super affordable!

Featured Bras

We are super excited to announce today’s giveaway. To enter:

  • Click here and browse our Dynashape bras. Find your favorite!
  • Head over to our Facebook page and find the Facebook Live video.
  • Comment on the video with the link of your favorite Dynashape bra to be entered to win that bra!
  • Comment by Monday, September 18th to enter.

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