Author: Alexis

A Kaleidoscope of Colors, Mood Board

To break up the ho-hum colors of the winter, we’re turning to every shade on the color wheel, from fiery red to sunflower yellow. Enjoy the rainbow-tastic, kaleidoscope of colors in this edition of our mood board featuring the Aerie Maddie Push-up Bra in a […]

Part I: A Corset, Of Course

In the land of lingerie, the bra reigns supreme in today’s day and age, but it’s not-to-be-forgotten cousin, the corset, has a much longer history with some shocking and often fun tidbits attached to it’s name. What you probably didn’t know (or maybe just never […]

New Years Resolutions: Get Fit With Style!

After indulging in all those delicious delicacies over the holidays, once the new year rolls around all that champagne and festive parties are left in the dust and it’s time to start on your new years resolutions! When it comes to resolutions, the number one […]

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

We couldn’t help ourselves 🙂

Fashion Trends for 2013 (And How They Apply to Your Bra)!

After reading an interesting article in the Daily Mail about a “psychic” who predicted fashion trends for 2013 (come to find out only half were true… capes over bathing suits, anyone?), we were inspired to bring you what actually worked on the runway and how […]