Adventures in Bras and Silicone, A Guest Post

Ever since I was 14, I dreamed of having a chest that wasn’t comparable to an adolescent boy. I say adolescent boy because by the time I reached high school there were members of the football team who had a bigger set of tits than me. To use a quote from one particular coming-of-age movie, it looked like I was “smuggling mini-muffins” under my shirt. Simply, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin and had a confidence level that hindered me from interacting with my peers let alone talk to boys… any boys.


Kate HudsonKate Hudson and I had so much in common, bosom buddies for life!

As I went through high school my level of confidence stayed relatively status-quo and I started to dream about the land of plastic surgery when I was about 16 (perhaps it was because I watched one too many episodes of Dr. 90210). I used to endlessly complain to my mother about my flat-chested predicament. She sympathized with me, but could not understand where my baby boobs came from since no one else in my family had a problem in that department. Even so, while my mother felt I was beautiful the way I was (as all mothers will tell their precious children), she understood what I was feeling. If only I could get my hands on a “pair”!

Lucky for me I made it through high school with minimal traumatization and was looking forward to a fresh start in college, even if it meant living with boobs no larger than a AA (many-a-nights I had laid awake hoping I was a late bloomer and that the breast fairy would magically appear). During college, while I may still have not been blessed in the breast department, I was blessed to meet an amazing group of friends whom I’m still close to today. They were the people who really helped me break out of my shell and develop who I am as a person today (and leave my insecurities behind).

"Friends"This is what friends are for.

While I would like to say that was the end and I lived happily ever after, I didn’t. The one thing I couldn’t let go was the fact that I was still wearing a 34AA, when my friends were sporting C’s and D’s. I just wanted to feel feminine and be able to fill out the clothing that I coveted ever-so-much (I went to school for Fashion so my obsession makes some sense). As brave as I was socially, I eventually made the decision to get implants. After months of research and finding the best surgeon in the area, I finally went under the knife in July 2010. Let me tell you, that was the most painful experience of my life and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. I still have scars under my arms from my mother’s *brilliant* idea to use a self-sticking ace bandage instead of a regular one because she was tired of rewrapping me 12 times a day (I have forgiven her for this little mishap, she did give birth to me after all).

Ace BandageMisuse of an Ace bandage

After I was given the okay to leave those pesky bandages behind and wear an actual bra, I met one of my biggest challenges yet (and the whole point of me sharing my story): how do I find a comfortable bra that will fit my new 32D’s? The problem was that I couldn’t wear an underwire right away because I was still waiting for the implants to permanently settle in. I went to all my favorite lingerie retailers–Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom’s, and Bloomingdales–with little success. Apparently there wasn’t much of a market for non-wired bras over a size B. After a lengthy search, I was able to come up with one–yes, one–Chantelle bra that “fit”, but didn’t fit great (the largest it came in was a 34C and the band was too big for me). However, it would have to do considering my lingerie drawer was empty (except one bra I saved out of memory that I used to wear pre-surgery).

Two years later, now that I’m completely healed and have more bra options available to me (I can wear an underwire), I have to say that getting breast implants was the best decision I ever made. I’m confident and finally feel like a woman… I feel like I’m going through life as a whole person. However, I still have trouble fitting into certain styles because my breasts don’t move very much due to the fact that they’re 75% implant. For this reason, I need a visit from a different fairy: the bra fairy. And for me this has been Brayola; I’ve found a lot more options using this service than I have searching on my own. They are the fairy godmother of bras and I couldn’t be happier!


Push-up BraMaybe this Wonderbra will do the trick?

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