A few tips from one full-busted woman to another!

Brayola understands that dealing with a large bust can be a real pain for many women. Some feel embarrassed by their large breasts and want to hide them. Many women experience a great deal of discomfort and even resort to invasive surgery to have their breast size reduced. However, with the right bra and a bit of patience, large busted women can turn their frustration into relief and emphasize the positive! Brayola has come up with a few tips and tricks for dealing with a large chest.

The first and most important thing that large breasted women can do is wear the right bra. This is perhaps the simplest step in easing the discomfort associated with large breasts. It is ideal to have your bra size determined by a professional who can advise you on what size you should be wearing. You will soon find that wearing the right bra can make you look and feel slimmer and stand taller. The right bra can even make large breasts look more modest and is much more comfortable.

Le Mystère: Dream Tisha Seamless Full
Le Mystère: Dream Tisha Seamless Full

Check out the Le Mystere Dream Tisha Bra

This bra is perfect for women with full, round breasts who often find themselves “spilling out” of other bras.  This bra definitely supports a large bust and is seamless so you can wear it under all your favorite t-shirts!

Another simple and effective method in dealing with a big chest is to work on your posture! Many women tend to slouch or hunch over in an attempt to hide their large chests. Also, heavy breasts can cause you to slouch. However, this can cause you back and neck problems, not to mention it can make you appear less confident. Sitting up straight with your chin up and your shoulders back will make you appear slimmer and more confident, giving you the ego boost you need to feel good about your large bust.

Choosing the right clothing is another great way to deal with large breasts. Make sure to choose tops and bottoms that will accentuate and not exaggerate your full bust. For example, shirts with v-necks, sweetheart necklines, and even corset style tops are very flattering on large breasted women. Know that if you choose something with spaghetti straps or a large, wide belts, your bust will appear much larger. Also, wearing wide angled bottoms can also help balance your bust. Think about wide legged pants and skirts with feminine flair! Hiding under baggy clothes isn’t a good idea either This can make you appear heavier and highlight your chest.

Finally, wearing the right sports bra can give large breasted women a great deal of relief.  Some women have to avoid certain activities such as running and aerobics altogether because it can cause pain. In order to enjoy high impact activities, try a sports bra designed for full figures that combines encapsulation and compression styling.

Enell Bra
Enell Sports Bra

Bras like these will reduce movement and allow you to enjoy activities that you love. The Enell Sports Bra combines encapsulation and compression styling in order to greatly reduce damaging and painful breast bounce. The straps also work to evenly distribute the weight of the breasts, which reduces strain and shoulder fatigue. If you have more questions on which sports bra to get, visit our FAQ section on DD+ sports bras!

Having a large bust can be a “huge” burden for many women. But just remember that there are simple steps that one can take to better manage the pain and strife associated with being a babe with a big bosom! Finding the right bras, wearing flattering outfits and keeping a positive attitude will give you and your bust a big boost! And remember, just last year  296,203  women had breast augmentation surgery to get what you already have naturally!

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