The Brayola Boutique: As Unique As You

The Brayola Boutique

The Brayola Boutique, as unique as you.

Entering the world of Brayola is like walking through the gates of Disneyland for the very first time. Tons of options and all seems so exciting, you just need to walk around the beautiful world of lingerie, find the right attractions, and enjoy the ride.

But how do we, here at Brayola, keep this magic happening?

Hard work and all other clichés are so true, but boring to talk about…

The Brayola team always thinks hard how to improve, in order to keep our customer’s satisfaction and adrenaline as high as possible. We all believe in the power of a good experience and great value.

So when we come to the office, we think about you: what would you want to feel, what you want to find, how we can make you happy with us, and always, always: what can we do that’s new and better: for our clients and as leaders in the world of lingerie.

How the Brayola Boutique all started.

The other day I got to the office with this weird special mood. I couldn’t say exactly what I felt it just felt different and special. I remembered a smart man saying: Weird moods are the best for new ideas. So I just sat alone and tried to translate this mood to “bra language”.

Which bra should I wear today? Which bra should I buy now?  What will make this special mood feel complete?

For the first time, I couldn’t find the right bra for me on Brayola.

Nothing that would fit my special state of mind. The only thing I knew is that it had to be so unique, and that it’s not there.

So I went online (outside of Brayola? I admit I felt a bit like a cheater), and there they were, some special bras that perfect for special moods.

They were handmade by great designers with love and passion. They were unique and they complete the special moods we are sometimes in.

Just what I needed. And then it hit me:

Most of the time, we can find whatever we need in Brayola, but there are these special days, special situations, or special moods, that require different bras.

From there it was all flying – just like in a roller coaster or in a fairy tale (Disneyland choices again).

We’ll create The Brayola Boutique for these special ladies at these special moments.

We’ll collaborate with independent designers, but only the best ones.

Brayola Boutique

Best – not because they are selling tons, or because they’re very expensive. Best because they are passionate about lingerie, just like we are.

Lucky for us, almost everyone in the lingerie world knows Brayola, and a good reputation is the best-selling point, so the designers we spoke to, were very excited to be involved in the Brayola Boutique.

To tell the truth, we felt a bit like the fairy godmother that came just in time to send Cinderella to the ball.

We could give the lingerie designers the carriage – an established dedicated platform so they can show off their designs and creations.

We could take them to the “Brayola Ball” – thousands of happy customers that appreciate good piece of lingerie when they see one.

And we could maybe, just maybe, introduce them to prince charming.

Who is prince charming?

Prince charming is you! When you are in a special mood for that special bra.

When you have craving for special lingerie, a bra that was made just for you.

Just like in the fairytale: there is that girl who deserves the glass slipper, and we know that The Brayola Boutique holds the right lingerie for you.

It’s there – you just need to look for it when you are in this special mood.

There – where we collected all the special bras and other intimate apparel just so you can find the one that fits you in this special moment.

There – where all designers wait for you to show appreciation for their hard work and dreams…

So see this as an invitation for the ball, go “there”


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  • Have enjoyed many purchases from Brayola. However, last bra was too small. Returned product, was promised a refund to my PayPal account, never went thru. Can’t do business like that. No more for me.

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