30% OFF Bali Playtex Lilyette

Yay! 30% OFF All Bali, Playtex & Lilyette bras… Why? Because we know how much you love these brands! As some of our best selling brands, we thought why not get 30% OFF these much loved bras!



30% OFF Bali, Playtex & Liyette


So why choose a..


Bali Bra?

Bali is the renowned Bra makers who make beautiful bras that provide comfort, fit and support throughout each wear.  Bali bras are available to buy from size 32B to 46F. Bali creates each bra in a way that is designed to give you a snug, comfortable  fit. Brayola carries a large variety of Bali bras, including some of the most popular bras such as, Minimizers, Full-Figured, Molded and Unlined bras 🙂 

Bali’s full figured bras feature cups and firm bands that support larger busts, with a beautiful flirty designs. Bali bras combine sophisticated designs with classic construction and unparalleled comfort. Brayola’s large selection of Bali bras include bra styles to meet all your intimate apparel needs.

Lilyette Bras?

Lilyette Bras are a sub company of the ever so popular Maidenform. the pioneers of the modern-style brassier. Lilyette Bras show off the full-figured woman and creates  bras that are comfortable and pretty, to fit women of all sizes. Lilyette understands women and what they want from their intimate apparel. Their bras offer unparalleled fit and support in many styles, including minimizers and full figured bras. Once you try on one of these bras you will wonder how you ever thought anything else felt comfortable.

Lilyette understands that plus size bras need not only be utilitarian. In addition to the great fit and support you will find, Lilyette Bras are cute and not frumpy! Many of their styles are charmingly detailed with lace or embroidery accents, giving a flirty flare! Their styles are available in a range of classic colors, Black, white and nude. These bras are also designed to create a sleek appearance under any outfit.

Playtex Bras?

Playtex Bras became a household name when, decades ago, they launched the “Cross Your Heart” and “18 Hour Bra” Playtex bras marketing campaigns. Today, Playtex Bras remains to be one of the best manufacturer and marketer of intimate apparel in the United States and abroad. Playtex bras reveal your body’s beauty, especially for the more fuller lady. The best Playtex bras give you the support and superior comfort you need in every moment of your life. So many women complain about aches and pains, but with Playtex’s special formula they have narrowed down what it is like to get a comfortable bra.

How do they do this? Playtex Bras all come with features such as gel straps and gel underwires, stay-put straps, 1/2 sizes between regular cup sizes, seamless garments and specialized shaping garments. At Playtex, everything they make is designed to enhance and shape your body to make the most of your every curve. Playtex want you to look and feel as beautiful as you are.

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