Month: March 2012

With a beautiful wedding dress comes great responsibility- finding the right bra!

You have finally got the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl… but now you have all these questions going through your head like “what if my dress falls down?” or “do I even wear a bra?” or “To corset or not […]

Good things come in small packages

The girls at brayola appreciate more than anyone, that boobs/bras come in different shapes and sizes! We understand that it is difficult to find a bra you love, if you’re a 34AA or a 34F. The assumption is that all small breasted women want to […]

How to avoid the uniboob

In case anyone reading this is unaware of what a “uniboob” is, we thought we would educate you with this great definition according to the prestigious urban dictionary:

 “When it looks like you have one massive breast. This usually happens when a girl wears a sports bra or one of those tank tops with the shelf bra”

Another common word used to describe the uniboob is “smooshage”. Unfortunately,  women all over the world worry that their sports bra will make them look like they have a uniboob! No matter how big or small your breasts are, it is a true fact that some sports bras can create this dreaded look!

The not so funny thing about the uniboob look is it can cause serious chaffing and irritation; that’s the last thing you need when working out! Not to mention, the point of a sports bra is to minimize any movement!

So here are our Top 3 Sports Bras that separate, shape and support you.

1.Le Mystere Energie Sports Bra
First off, the girls at brayola love this bra! The Le Mystere Energie Sports Bra gives you everything you would want in a sports bra! It features convertible, padded straps can be worn traditional or criss cross, which gives extra support without the straps ever digging in.  It has smooth molded cups with foam lining to give you the shape and coverage that any girl needs! If that’s not enough, this bra provides inner moisture-wicking fabric and breathable wings, so you stay cool and dry throughout your workout. This bra comes in a size 3C-40G.


Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra

If you wear a bra size between an DD- J up and are looking to fight the uniboob, try Elomi’s Energise Underwire sports bra. This bra is made from special body wick technology, which helps move moisture away from the body, so you keep nice and dry! With its seamed 3-part cups gives you optimal lift with a totally secure fit! Perfect for full figured and full busted women who want a sports bra with high impact support whilst no black eyes!

3. Freya Underwire Sports Bra
This bra is an all rounder,whether you have a D cup, or if you are FF. You can tell this bra was designed by women! The fabric used is cooling and the firm, flat bottom band anchors the bra in place, so no more pulling your sports bra down. Freya Underwire Sports Bra  lifts, shapes and supports without squishing your boobs together (hence no uniboob!)You can show off your curves in this amazing bra and we promise it will become your best workout friend 🙂

What’s your worst sports bra experience? Is it the uni boob…or something worse!

Let us know!