20 Facts About All Things Bras and Boobs

As the weekend is fast approaching we know you’re ready to run out the office door and head home for some relaxation time (which for most of us ladies involves getting out of that bra and putting on our most comfy outfit). To help you get into a zen state of mind, we bring you some fun and interesting facts about, well, bras! Some will make you say “hmm… I didn’t know that!” or some will make you simply laugh out loud (literally). So kick back and enjoy the top 20 bra facts brought to you by Brayola (click the pictures to continue your bra adventure)…


Average woman owns 9 bras9 number of bras the average woman owns


Ancient Greeks thought the Milky Way was made from drops of breast milk from the goddess Hera

Vogue 1907

1907 the year Vogue magazine first used the word brassiere in print

Bra size increase

36C  average bust size of today, which has increased from a 34B over the past 15 years

Bra size change6 number of times most women will change in bra size over their lifetime

Largest bra sizeAccording to studies, British women have the largest breasts… 50% wear at least a D cup.

Money spent on bras

$16 billion amount spent worldwide on bras last year


The worlds biggest breast augmentation is a 38KKK

NGO for boob rights

There is an NGO that fights for women’s rights to be topless

One is bigger than the other

The left breast is usually bigger than the right

Breast weight

1lb how much the average breast weighs

Boobs can gain weight

Breasts can get fat (even though they’re already fatty tissue)

Bra studies

In China you can major in bra studies

First push-up bra

The first push-up bra was introduced in the 1800’s

Breast implants

In 2011, there were more than 307,180 breast enhancement surgeries performed in the U.S.

Red hot fantasy bra

The most expensive bra in the world is Victoria’s Secret’s $15 million fantasy bra


In 2008, there were nearly 18,000 breast reductions performed… on men.


In Hawaii, Texas, Ohio, New York, and Maine it’s legal for women to walk around showing off their breasts, but they can still be picked up on public nuisance laws

Guinness Book of World Record

8 stone (112 pounds) largest natural breasts recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records


the power of boobs should not be underestimated!

Bonus Fact!

Implants miraculously saved an Israeli woman from death by Hezbollah rocket attack (Lebanese military organization). During the war, she was wounded in the chest by shrapnel but survived because of her boob job, done two years prior. While the patient is fine, the implant, unfortunately, did not survive.

See? Wasn’t this fun?! We certainly learned a lot about boobs and bras and everything in between… what do you think of these interesting tidbits?

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