♥ Bra of the Week ♥

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to do bra of the week…BUT it’s now back!

We have the sexiest bra (well one of them) that you gorgeous ladies have picked as one of your favorites! It’s from the most well known brand all over the world, Victoria’s Secret. The Bombshell Add 2 Cups bra is a popular bra and we totally understand why! This bra comes in many designs, and colors! If you want it a little glam you can get the Bombshell with diamonte features, or if you prefer a more subtle look you can just get it in plain block colors (every color you can think of!) and if that’s not enough you can get it with a beautiful lace design. 

This bra is a multi-way bra making it perfect for just about every occasion, so it’s no surprise that it is not only your favorite but a best seller at Victoria’s Secret. It really does add 2 bra sizes to you, so if you need a little push in the right direction you can get it now at brayola for just $55!



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