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4 Reasons Why Front Closure Bras Are Seriously The BEST

4 Reasons Why Front Closure Bras Are Seriously The BEST

Hate the hassle of hooking your bra in the back? It might be time to try front closure bras! Whether you have a shoulder injury or just get annoyed with putting on your bra, front-close styles are an effortless option for everyday wear. Typically, this […]

President’s Day Sale EXTENDED! Take Up to 50% Off

President’s Day Sale EXTENDED! Take Up to 50% Off

Want to save big? This sale gets our vote! Shop Brayola’s President’s Day Sale for the biggest discounts of 2018—now extended for the whole week. You’ll save up to 50% on top brands like Glamorise, Maidenform, Q-T Intimates, and more. Plus, don’t miss our warehouse […]

Sweet Dreams for Sweethearts: Pajamas for Valentine’s Day

Sweet Dreams for Sweethearts: Pajamas for Valentine’s Day

Is there anything sweeter than sleeping in? This Valentine’s Day, gift your sweetheart with blissfully comfy pajamas and sleepwear sets from top brands like Hanes, Blush, and Felina. She’ll love waking up in a soft sleep set from Hanes before slipping into a luxury robe from […]

Shades of Sexy: Naughty Lingerie & Accessories for Valentine’s Day

Shades of Sexy: Naughty Lingerie & Accessories for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day plans? Make it a night to remember with our Shades of Sexy collection, a shop filled with the naughtiest, most tantalizing lingerie and accessories. Inspired by the novels and movies of a similar vein, Shades of Sexy explores your darkest, most delightful fantasies […]

Find Your Perfect Match with Coordinating Bras & Panties

Find Your Perfect Match with Coordinating Bras & Panties

Looking for the perfect match this Valentine’s Day? Look no further! We’ve got the bras and panties that were meant to be. From gorgeous lace bralettes and vintage high-waist panties to modern full cup bras and comfortable briefs, our matching sets make a major impact. […]

A Note From Our Founder

Hello From Brayola’s Founder, Orit Hashay

Brayola's Orit HashayHello and welcome to Brayola!

Some women like buying new bras, some don’t, but either way: We all need new bras every once in a while. But buying a new bra is not always as fun and simple as buying new shoes. If I see a pair of gorgeous shoes, I can easily try them on and they either fit, or they don’t. Simple.

When it comes to bras, sizing is not as straightforward. Many of them look beautiful on the model or mannequin, but each brand and style varies in size and fit. This means bringing an armful of sizes and styles with me to the fitting room, painstakingly trying them on, and secretly praying I won’t have to call the salesperson over for the millionth time.

Some bras I try on immediately land in the “no” pile because they are ill fitting or something is just off. Others might look perfect on, but as soon as I put on my shirt, the silhouette is not quite right. You know how it goes—some bras fit in size, but you can end up looking squashed, separated, droopy, too big, too small…the list is endless!

Before I started Brayola, the last bra I purchased was one that my friend recommended to me. She told me that although the bra was expensive (over $150) it was well worth it. So I bought the beautiful, luxurious style that came so highly recommend in two colors. However after two months of wear, I found that the bra straps stretched more than normal, and I couldn’t make them any tighter, causing the straps to live practically at my elbows. And so I was left with two very beautiful, very expensive, and very sad bras gathering dust in my drawer.

Being the entrepreneurial problem solver that I am, I wanted to find a way to make bra shopping simpler. Inspiration struck when my sister started raving about this new strapless bra that she bought. She told practically everyone, and eventually two of her girlfriends went out and bought the bra she had recommended. Not only did they both love the bra, but they also discovered that they all have the same size and taste in bras, too.

This got me thinking: While we are all unique in our own ways, some parts of us are similar to other women all around the world. Somewhere out there, there are women that have the same size, shape, style and taste as me.

So why, really, can’t we all share this? Why can’t I go online and find these women just like me? It was these questions that inspired me to create Brayola. Using data crowd sourced from women (just like you and I!), Brayola makes finding the perfect bra a piece of cake. All you have to do is tell us the brand, style and size of your current favorite bra, and we’ll create your own personalized bra shop based on feedback from women around the world. It’s bra shopping made quick, easy and fun! Maybe not quite as fun as buying new shoes, but we’re working on it 🙂

Want to discover your next favorite bra without “having a fit”? Click here to get started!


Orit Hashay

CEO & Founder of Brayola

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