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Nurture your body!

We are feeling good, and do you know why? We feel good because we are inspiring so many women on our facebook page to start feeling good about themselves! Brayola wants you to nurture your body…to feed your soul! If you haven’t looked in the mirror today and said “damn, i’m gorgeous!” then find your nearest mirror…and get lovin!  

A Kaleidoscope of Colors, Mood Board

To break up the ho-hum colors of the winter, we’re turning to every shade on the color wheel, from fiery red to sunflower yellow. Enjoy the rainbow-tastic, kaleidoscope of colors in this edition of our mood board featuring the Aerie Maddie Push-up Bra in a spectacular bright pink (it’s also on sale too…)! What’s your favorite color on the color wheel?

Have A Very Pink Holiday, A Mood Board

Amidst the holiday season, we’ve chosen our favorite color (pink!) as inspiration for your holiday festivities! From brayola to you, have a very pink holiday! Featuring Claudette’s Dessous Mesh Bra in Pink

Up You Go Balloons!, A Mood Board

Featuring Whimsy by Lunaire Aruba Dot Seamless Underwire Bra with Lace – $26.00

Cast Your Vote! A Mood Board

Featuring Ann Summers Giselle Red Satin Animal Print Balconette Bra

Make Your Halloween… Sexy!

New this Halloween, Victoria’s Secret has launched a line of super sexy costumes as part of their Sexy Little Fantasies Collection. For between $68 and $198 you can be almost anything from a  Sexy Little Mobster to a Sexy Little Cowgirl! But keep in mind, these costumes are definitely more of a lingerie piece, so unless your daring you may want to keep the fantasy …

Fall’s Biggest Color: Oxblood, A Mood Board

You’re probably already started to feel the cold weather in the air as you change into sweaters from tank tops and start looking to a hot cup of tea over a cooling iced coffee. With that in mind, the color focus for fall is “oxblood”, which appears to be a dark, rusty red. On everything from lingerie down to your nail polish, look to our …

Come Together (Classic Rock From the 1970’s), A Mood Board

A mood board inspired by classic rock from the 1970’s! Featuring Victoria’s Secret’s Crochet Demi Lace Bra

Happy Labor Day! A Mood Board.

Featuring Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous Lace Push-up Bra (in white).

Take a Bite Out of Shark Week, A Mood Board

Featuring Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Demi Cup Bra