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Dressing Up For The Holidays – Turned Inside Out

Diving head first into the holiday season has me scrambling for outfit ideas and engaging in the never-ending search for the “perfect” dress. No matter the occasion, we always seem to start with the “main” piece, typically THE dress, and build around it, just like dressing up a Christmas tree. A week ago, while looking for a cute party dress online I had a eureka …

Auld Lang Syne, It’s a Mood Board!

To get you all excited for 2013, we bring you a glittery muse of a mood board! If you admire Katy Perry’s sparkly bra, we’re featuring Fashion Form’s Lace Bralette with Sparkles so you can be just as shiny and bold (with a little more wearability). This bra is perfect for peaking out of a top or for some shine under a sheer top. So, …

Happy New Year’s (Eve)!

♥ brayola