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Guest Post: The Tale of the Unhooked Bra

Today we have a very special treat for you with a guest post written by Michaela Kunst! As a teen trying to get through her high school years, its bad enough trying to balance homework, friends, and shopping let alone having to worry about your bra. So, she brings to you her story of what happened one day while sitting in math class…



By: Michaela Kunst

I was sitting in math class, absorbed in algebra and equations (or rather struggling with the all the numbers written on the page in front of me) clearly giving the teacher loathesome looks for teaching this absurd material. Ahhh, what I would give to not be here! Desperate, I put my head between my hands and sighed… and suddenly I felt a click on my back. No, not now! I ran my hand along my back and found that my fears were correct. My bra popped open. In my mind I was cursing this moment since I chose to wear my favorite bra that happened to have bad snaps. I felt my cheeks slowly turn red and I became flustered.

Sitting in math class

I got up from the chair with my hands holding the back of my bra to keep it in place and went to the teacher at the board. Politely, and with a pathetic smile on my face, I asked, “Can I leave for a second? I have a problem.” The teacher blankly answered, “No.” I started thinking of a few swears I could say to her, but I pulled myself together and asked again. This time I chose to face my failure of the year, “Teacher, my bra popped open, can I go to the bathroom?” And again she said “No.” My face became more red and this time not with shame, but with anger. I sat down in my chair and tried to hide anything that would give my situation away. I thought about how twisted a teacher’s mind could be if she thought algebra was more important than my reputation.

Don't ruin my reputation!

I stared at the clock in the classroom, the remaining minutes passing like an eternity when suddenly I heard the bell. Without even picking up my stuff, and with a leap like I was competing in the Olympics, I started sprinting to the bathroom. After arranging everything I left the bathroom with relief and a straight back. But not to worry, I made sure to tell my friends about the actions of my bitchy teacher.

Moral of the story: do not wear a bra with clasps that cause problems even if you love it, especially not if math class is that day!


We agree with Michaela 110%–even if you love your bra, you must replace it if it’s stretched out, a wire pops through, or if (of course) your hooks don’t work properly! What do you think about Michaela’s situation? Any similar stories? We want to know!

Top 3 Sexy DD+ Bras for this Fall

Here it is girls, some of our Sexiest DD+ bras from some of our favorite brands for this Fall!

1.Ada, by Freya

Ada is a stunning  plunge bra that gives great cleavage, so perfect under any low top! Ada has a flirty tattoo design with satin bows, which is very on trend for this Fall! This non-padded bra is an all round great looker and fantastic support!

2.Entice Balconette Bra, by Curvy Kate

This little beauty from Curvy Kate is a bra that is going to make you feel a million dollars. Entice, has a luxurious look, and offers a great uplift and fabulous support, with slight padding in the cups for a modest look.

And finally…

3.Dessous, by Claudette

Super sexy, vibrant & fun is everything that describes Dessous! We realize she looks a little summery, but nothing fights the winter blues than with a little color :)  Desous offers layers of fabric that gives the cup a smooth fit across a range of sizes while the three-part-cup construction gives you all the support you could need. If you’re looking for that extra sexy nudge, this bra has the wow factor! Who said the Fall has to be dull…

Already have these bras?  What are you waiting for add them to your brayola drawer here!

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old bras… new tricks

Starting 2012 fresh means throwing out the old, and bringing in the new! We always want to start out how we mean to go on.  At  brayola we’re always talking about putting your favorite bras into your online brayola drawer…but it comes to the point where you have to organise your real underwear drawers. This means, having to make the important decision of whether to keep, or throw out old bras. Now I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for feeling sorry for my old bras. We had such good times together, it was trustworthy, comfortable and so what if it looks a bit old and lost it’s original color, it still works? If you also have this attachment to your old bras, the girls at brayola, have gathered together some excellent tips to keep them in your life, and reuse them as something new :) Remember to keep the details of your favorite bras safe and locked up in your brayola drawers , visit brayola if you haven’t already done so!

Here are our Top Five tricks to transform your old bras!

1. Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads made by old bras.... well kind of!

The picture above is an extravagant Jean Paul Gautier creation for women to enjoy the effects of shoulder pads attached to their bra. If Jean Paul Gautier uses this trend, so can you, especially if you have a padded bra. If not, a regular T-Shirt bra will work too. All you have to do is cut round the cups, and either sew them to your chosen top or jacket (which is what I would do!) or copy JPG, and attach them to your bra, to wear under anything! Be warned, when you sew them into you clothes, make sure the pads sit comfortably on your shoulders first. *warning, if you have a large bra…put it on your shoulders before to check your not going to look like the Michelin man!

Michelin man...not the look we're going for!

2. Create a new bra

It depends on how creative you are (and how much time you have on your hands) for this next idea. Quite simply- give your bra a makeover. Look at customising your bra, think about dying it another color, a mixture of colors (the hippie look) or if you want to go all out, buy some crystals and really pimp out your bra. For ideas(or to cheat and buy one) check out etsy and search for bras.

Disco Bra

Disco Bra

Peacock bra

Peacock bra




Flower Power

3. Knee pads

Ever decided to go skateboarding? How about washing the floor by hand? Or just generally find yourself on your knees a lot? If that’s you…let me introduce you to…Old bra knee pads!!! Similar concept to the shoulder pads, but home made knee pads may come in useful for lots of situations, ice skating, dancing, or if your prone to falling over! These easy to create knee pads, may just save your life one day, all thanks to that trusty bra. To make, simply cut the pads/cups depending on which type of bra you have and simply sew a strip of material to the edge of the pads. Wrap them around your knee and tie or keep in place with a safety pin, and voila your own set of knee pads!

4.  Re-usable parts

Why not take apart your bra, and use every part of it! When it comes to the clasp, unpick the hook and eye, and put it in your sewing basket (yes, every woman has a sewing basket, or wishes they had one). You never know when a button pops off, or something just needs to be held together secretly. This is your perfect opportunity to use the old hook and eye.

Hook & Eye

You can also re-use the straps of your bra, two different ways. Firstly, if your straps are detachable, then just re-use them for another bra (or keep them in case of emergencies).  Secondly, sew the two ends together of one strap and hey presto, you have your own headband, which you can now customise, if you want.

From bra strap to headband :)

5. Donate to a good cause

Finally, if you believe that your bra could change the world (which it could) then you could consider donating it (or them) to charity. There are some great charities that really need your bras, whether its third world countries or recycling and donating the proceeds to charities, such as breast cancer awareness.

If you do choose this option, remember to store all the details of your bra into your brayola drawer…you may be able to replace it quicker than you think :)


So, now we have established there are lots of ways to put your old bra to good use. The team at brayola want to know, what do you do with your old bras? Have any other crazy ideas, of what we can do with our old bras?

We want to hear them :)

Happy New Year!

Dear Brayolistas,

We would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2012! As you all  know, brayola is a brand new company so for 2012 we have some incredible things lined up for all of our users! We are so excited to be able to share brayola with women, like you, who wants to discover their next favorite bra (or just love underwear shopping!) And for all you men out there reading this, we have something up our sleeve for you (and no, we’re not talking about discovering bras for men!) but to help you win over that special lady, by buying her underwear that she’s going to love! (we’ll tell you more later!)

Thank you for all of your support so far!

Happy New Year Brayolistas

Warm wishes to everyone,

The brayola team :)

A huge hello from brayola

Some women like buying new bras, some don’t, but either way – we all need new bras every once in a while. Buying a new bra is not always as fun and simple as buying new shoes.  If I see a pair of gorgeous shoes, I can try them on and see if they fit or don’t fit. Simple.

With bras it’s not as straight forward. Many of them look beautiful – but each brand varies in size, so I find myself taking a bunch of them with me to the fitting room, trying them on, and secretly praying I won’t have to call the salesperson or have her visit me to see if I’m ok.

Some bras I try on are thrown out immediately because of bad fitting, some look perfect on, but as soon as I put my top back on, it’s just not right. You know how it is. Some fit in size, but you can end up looking squashed, separated, droopy, too big, too small…the list is endless!

Last time I bought a bra, it was one that my friend recommended to me. She told me that although the bra was expensive (over $150) it was well worth it and she loved it. So I bought the beautiful seamless Chantelle in both black and white, and they were amazing. However, my friend didn’t have the problem I had. After two months, I found that the bra straps stretched, more than normal, and I couldn’t make them any tighter because, at the time of buying it, it was perfect (although near the tightest point). The amount of bra strap left to make any adjustments was already at it’s tightest, so everytime I wore this bra, the straps continuously lived by my elbows…not very comfortable or pleasant to look at. So now, I have two very beautiful, $150 each,  sad Chantelle bras gathering dust in my drawer  (Although…I keep telling myself that one day I will take them to a seamstress… yes one day…)

beautiful lonely Chantelle bras

Being the restless girl that I am, I wanted to solve this problem of finding new, good bras. My sister started raving about this new strapless bra that she bought. She told practically everyone, and eventually two of her girlfriends went out and bought the bra she had recommended. Not only did they both love the bra, they also discovered that they all have the same size and taste in bras too.

This got me thinking, although we like to think we are so unique, and we are, some parts of us are similar to other women all around the world. Somewhere out there, there are women that have my size, shape, style and taste.

So why, really, can’t we all share this? Why can’t I go online and find these women just like me? Brayola was created for women like you, who want to be able to find a good bra that fits just right. With the help of other women, sharing what they already love, you can now discover your next favorite bra thanks to them. Bra shopping  made simple and fun! No, not yet as fun as buying new shoes, but getting there :)

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Orit Hashay

CEO & Founder of Brayola