FAQ – Sports bras

If you’re the type of woman that thinks wearing two bras when exercising will “make do” then think again! This short guide will help you understand why its important to get the right support (and feel great) while exercising!

Q. If I’m not doing an aerobic exercise, do I still need to wear a sports bra?

A. Just because you’re not doing high impact sport (like running or anything aerobic) does not mean you shouldn’t wear a sports bra. If you are constantly moving (i.e any form of exercise) your breast ligaments can slowly break down, causing the breasts to sag over time. If you wear the correct sports bra, you can help minimize the sagging! (sorry, that doesn’t mean we can promise you perky boobs for the rest of your life!)

Q. My breasts move around so much when I run and it’s painful. What should i do?

A. Large breasts + running – good sports bra= pain. Yes this is true. When you run or do any high impact sport, the breasts move around in a figure 8 movement; not just up and down. A regular bra, can help reduce the up and down movement,(if it is a good bra) but this isn’t enough support and protection when doing any high impact movement . You should be looking for a sports bra that encapsulates your bust, whilst being firmly supported.

Q. How long should I keep my sports bra?

A. This answer varies for each person. Ask yourself this: how often are you wearing your sports bra? Have you lost any weight? Does your bra still feel like it supports you? If you are wearing your sports bra more than 3 times a week, you should replace it every 6-8 months. If you use it less than 3 times a week, you should change it every 12-15 months. If your weight fluctuates, consider getting a different sized sports bra so you are supported no matter what weight you are. As soon as your bra doesn’t feel supportive, it’s time to change, no matter what the situation.

Q. How much should I spend on my sports bra?

A. Again this question is dependant on your situation. If you have large breasts and you’re looking for good support, the price can range between $25-$100. You should take into consideration that a good sports bra can reduce pain and make exercise easier (and by that we mean less chance of being knocked out by your own breasts!) If you are looking to invest good money into your sports bra, you should learn how to look after it (visit our blog post). This way, your bra will last longer, making the investment worthwhile!

Q. How do I know what size sports bra to wear?

A. This is the question that often confuses a lot of women. It’s difficult enough to find a regular bra that fits, so how do you know what size sports bra to choose? It depends on the brand and the sizes they use. Some brands advise you to automatically take the size smaller than your regular size to ensure you are fully encapsulated and supported. That’s not to say the bra should be too small! You need to be comfortable enough that your breast movement is kept to a minimum (and that you can breathe comfortably).

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